WordPress theme resetting by itself – solution

I’ve had this problem with my theme: It kept resetting back to the standard WordPress theme. I think I’ve figured it out. Or rather: Scott Burkett figured it out:

Then I realized that I had recently installed the WP-mobile plugin written by Alex King (although I hadn’t yet had the chance to test it out on my Treo using Blazer.) So, I whipped out my phone, hit scottburkett.com with my phone’s browser, and voila, the theme was switched to the default theme. It turns out that I had not properly followed the instructions provided by Alex in the plugin archive.

The WordPress Mobile Edition plugin detects if your site is viewed on a mobile device, and delivers a lighter and friendlier site for small screens. But I made the same mistake as Scott Burkett; not reading the install text:

== Installation ==

1. Drop the wp-mobile.php file in your wp-content/plugins directory
1. Drop the wp-mobile directory in your wp-content/themes directory
2. Click the ‘Activate’ link for WordPress Mobile Edition on your Plugins page (in the WordPress admin interface)

Ah. So dropping the whole WP-mobile folder into the plug-ins folder was not the right way to do it. We’ll see if brilliantdays.com stays “nice” the next 24 hours. The last four days it has changed back to the default theme a dozen times.

And if you have a mobile phone or other handhelp device with a browser, go to brilliantdays.com and see if the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin does it’s job ok.