Trendmapper is “discovered”!

Trendmapper logo

This afternoon my friend Eirik‘s site Trendmapper was featured on John Batelle’s Searchblog.

Try it for yourself. Go to Trendmapper and enter your search phrase. Every night Trendmapper will search for you, and make a nice graph to show the number of hits. It doesn’t work backwards of course, so the search will only go from the date you enter it. But if you are launching a campaign and want to track how well it’s going. Or check the popularity of a word/product/product, just enter it into Trendmapper.

One very nice feature is that you can put a small trendmap on your site. You can see mine to the right. Setup a search, and when it’s “live” the next day, you can just link to the gif that Trendmapper makes for your search.

UPDATE: G-metrics has been doing this for quite some time. Nice interface too. I’ll check it out. Strange I never found it when googling everything related to google statistics some months ago.