10 sources of brilliantdays traffic – Thanks!

Darren Rowse says “…thanking some of the sites that have sent me traffic in the last 6 months.” Great idea. I picking up on this one.

So here are the ones that have sent the most traffic to brilliantdays.com since September 2005 (search engines, social bookmarking, corporate sites, forums and directories NOT included).

Presentation Zen
Eric Mack On-Line

Adam Rice
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection
Kevin Lim
Paul Stamatiou

Thanks people!

I also have picked out a two articles I recommend:

What is good PowerPoint design? on Presentation Zen
How to make illustrations even if you can’t draw on Eirikso.com

Who are your major sources for traffic?

My site gets 60% of the traffic from referrers, 20% from searches and 20% direct. What’s your numbers?