Seth Godin wears a big bell

Some sheep walk in front of the other sheep. Always pushing to get new places. The others are often following without really knowing why there’s a movement in that direction. And when they get to the new place, they think “Wow! Great green grass! Look at that! We like it!”. The leaders are already somwhere else, looking for even greener grass. Or maybe the next thing replacing grass.

The sheep walking in front often wears a bell around their necks. That way, the farmer can hear where they are, since most sheep will be around the sheep with the bell.

Seth Godin wears a bell. A big one. And tells how to spot other sheep – in front of their herds.

Some signs: Uses Firefox, not IE. Uses RSS and has a blog. Reads Boingboing, doesn’t watch the tonight show.

Seth’s name for them is the Digerati.

“As a result, your most-connected, most influential customers are part of the digerati. They can make or break your product, your service or even your religion’s new policies. Because the Net is now a broadcast (and a narrowcast) medium, the digerati can spread ideas.”