Play PSP while flying

Norwegian airline Widerøe will offer passengers PSP game consoles to play games on flights lasting an hour or more, reports (in Norwegian).

“Lots of PSP games and movies are being made. This is good news when it comes to activities for passengers on Widerøe flights, says marketing manager in Widerøe Trude Erlandsen.”

Widerøe’s press release states that they are first in Europe. Which airline were the world’s first?

Update: Engadget has picked up the story. And I didn’t even tip them. They forgot to link to my site, but cool anyway! The reader comments are full of crap though. Swedish meatballs, SNES fanatics, airline prices 20 years old and the usual Norway/sweden fighting. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like USA/Canada, or Great Britain/France: Making silly jokes and insults about each other all the time.