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Oyvind on Facebook

I’m on Facebook (like almost half of the planet it seems). Yes, I was a bit late on this one (although you’ll probably find me on most other services of this kind, just google “oyvind” and the service name). Here’s […]

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“Once in every life/There comes a time/We walk out all alone”

A bit personal… Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk already has linked to this. But I have to do it too. Thomas says: Cyndie is a single mother of five and the photographs tell the story of her loss of her […]

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Worst Powerpoint ever – even worse?

I really thought I had found the worst Powerpoint ever presented by a CEO that should know better. But Seth Godin has found a worthy contestant.

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Final Cut Pro wipes

I have used Final Cut Pro since version 1.0 in 1999. During these 8 years I have used wipes two or three times. Wipes are ugly. Heh. But today a friend of mine called and asked: What do I buy […]

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Just when you thought HD was the next big thing, then comes 3D HD

3D HD is THE next big thing. And it comes to sports and music first. NBA (the National Basketball Association in USA), plans to shoot some of their games in 3D HD. In a session called “Winning Ways to Wow […]

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  • Joost 1
  • Joost 2


The latest beta of Joost is out, version 0.9. Screenshot: Joost video – Ministry of Sound music videos The Joost FAQ says… TV, the way you like it… …Hundreds of shows from your favourite channels …Full-screen, high-quality pictures and sound […]

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Volunteer to get killed – get paid

Norwegian crime author Jørgen Jæger wants to kill you in his next book. But only if you want to. And you’re getting paid. Here’s what he says on krimjager.com (in Norwegian): Kjære krimvenn! Jeg sitter i disse dager fordypet i […]

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Nike + iPod mac app

Graham is thinking about making a Nike + iPod application for OS X. Here are some of my initial thoughts: Graphs that show your progress over time, either with the same route, or how far you manage to run in […]

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  • Skiing in Salt Lake 1
  • Skiing in Salt Lake 2

Skiing in Salt Lake

I just had to post these two. Wow. Envy, Håvard! Photographer: Hallgrim Haug Halfilms Skier: Howie Arnstad Howie

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  • iGTD screenshot

GTD mac app: iGTD

Bartek Bargiel is another one in the race for the best Mac GTD application. In good Apple style it’s called iGTD and has some very nice features (and some annoying shortcomings as well). The two things I like the most: […]

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How I keep in touch with (some of) my friends?

how I keep in touch with (some of) my friends?, originally uploaded by geirarne. Brilliant table by Geir Arne. How would your chart look? Put up 10 of your friends, and check them off for e-mail, phone, sms etc.

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Sean Tierney: Use your desktop as a matrix for urgency/importance

Urgency vs. Importance and the 5th system for scattered todos: Mentally superimpose the above graph on your desktop (or if you really want, draw it as your background). Drag the resources (URL locations, documents, graphics, audio files, forms, whatever you’re […]

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Program your own GTD app

Now you can, as Jon Crosby has decided to make Actiontastic free and open source: The free (as in “free beer”) part starts tonight. The code (as in “freely available source code”) will follow when the overhead of a new […]

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Leave your Mac alone while it’s installing software

Very good advice from Rosyna Keller at Unsanity: When “Optimize System Performance” appears during the update process do not touch your computer and definitely do not launch any applications. Just back away from your computer box as if it were […]

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