Make your ads so cool that people would want to see them

“FireTreToEn” is the new ad for Norwegian bank DnB NOR. It’s made like a movie trailer, with lots of action and some of the most popular actors in Norway, Pia Tjelta and Nicolai Cleve Broch. It’s open ended at leaves with some questions. “We don’t know what happens”, “We don’t know if the woman in the window jumps”, “Because this is not a movie”, “It’s advertising”. “And we don’t know what happens”, “Just like in real life”.

Pia Tjelta

Vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
Vi vet ikke om gutta kommer levende fra det.
Vi vet ikke hvem som kutter tauet.
Vi vet heller ikke om hun i vinduet hopper.
Vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
For dette er ingen film.
Dette er en reklamefilm.
For DnB NOR.
Og vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
Akkurat som i livet.

(Nowegian text at the end of the movie)

Very clever. I’m curious to see if they are brave enough to NOT show it on tv. Just use the site and the viral world to spread it.

Why? Because TV advertising is STINKING expensive. And why hassle people with ads on tv if they come to see it on your site because they WANT to see it?