Make a huge iPod maxi

An iPod for your kids

If you want an iPod for your kids, I recommend buying an iPod with video.

iPods with hard drives (the 30, 60 and 80 GB models) have moving parts. So teach your children that the iPod is not a toy. Don’t shake it while playing music and movies. It survives normal movements but doesn’t last long if you shake it like a rattle for hours and hours…

If you want an iPod that is “rattle-proof”, buy an iPod nano. The nano doesn’t play video, but is excellent for sports and is easier to fit in your pockets.

Protect the iPod

Now, add a TadPole case from iFrogz. It comes in six different colors…

tadpole colors

…and there are over 200 designs for the click-wheel to choose from:

tadpole clickwheel

If you would like to support this site, use the link below to order your TadPole:

Putting CDs and DVDs on the iPod

Now, start putting your music and videos on the iPod. For music, use iTunes that comes with the iPod. And for video, use Handbrake Lite, a small app that rips DVDs and puts them on your iPod with two clicks. It’s Mac OS X and it’s free. If your using Windows XP, Eirik has lots of advice for you.

Enjoy iPodding! And do remember that ears can’t be repaired. Check that the volume of the iPod doesn’t hurt your child’s hearing. There’s a maximum volume setting on all iPods, which you should use if your kids are using the iPod. Remember that only some seconds of loud noise can damage the hearing forever. Also remember that different headsets have different volumes, so check before letting your kids using a different headset than they usually do!

There’s the iPod, the iPod mini, the iPod photo and now the iPod shuffle. The next step for Apple should be an iPod maxi. Yes, the iPod maxi. And it’s for the kids.


The normal iPod is too tiny and advanced for smaller kids. And they mess up their CDs and their CD-players. So Apple should make a huge iPod, with easier controls, and padding that makes it impossible to break.

It should be as big as three iPods next to each other, and as deep as three iPod photo in front of each other. It should be padded with white rubber all over, so that it can fall to the floor several times a day. And it should have the new feature of the Powerbooks, that make the drive stop if it moves.

Three big dials and a color display

It should have three dials:

  • One to change the album
  • One to change the track
  • One to adjust the volume

It should also have a color display that doesn’t break easily. The display shows the cover art from the album playing, along with a huge track number, and the name of the song “in large friendly letters” (stealing a qoute from the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. Oh, it’s on page 6).

Apple needs to upgrade iTunes to make it easier to add cover art. Hacking around with Applescripts etc. is fun for some. Most users would prefer if cover art were downloaded automatically. Apple already has cover art on iTunes music store, so iTunes could at least download covers for the songs and tracks that is in the iTunes music store.

Someone care to make a 3D model?

There you have it. I’m no 3D expert, so if someone would like to make some suggestions for the design, feel free to contact me!