Joost invitations

I have two four Joost invitations I would like to give to you.

Joost screenshot

Post a link to or one of my articles on your blog/site. And put the link to your site in the comments below. I’ll pick out two next week. Hint: One of them will be for best post…


Click through to the comments to see the details on the invites!

Update: E-mail

It’s no use to just put your name in a comment. Or just your name and your e-mail address. You will not get any Joost invites that way. One thing you will get, is spam. Spambots crawl websites looking for e-mail addresses, and if you put them in the open here, you will get more spam.

The rules for this little competition is simple: Put a link to this site on your blog or site. And I’ll pick some winners when I have more invites. At the moment, I don’t have any invites.

Nevermind! Go bananas! Just pust your name and e-mail here if you want an invite. I don’t have any, but others may have.

Just remember: If you post your e-mail here, you will get spam. Not from me, but from the spambots crawling the net.

And if you do have some extra invites, please post about it here too!

Update 3: More invites!

Just got some more invites, so the competition is on again. It works like this: Link to from your site or blog, and I’ll pas you a Joost invite. The four first will get an invite.

It’s also ok to ask others for an invite in the comments below, but I’m only giving away invites to people linking to

Invites bonanza

Just about everyone who asked for an invite now has got one. And I still have A LOT left. So keep asking, and I’ll do my best mailing them for you. I guess Joost goes out of beta pretty soon, but it’s still cool to have it NOW.

Closing the comments

After 701 comments, I’m closing the comments on this post. I hope all of you have got invites. I certainly have sent about tons of them! Hope you enjoy Joost, and that we soon see some more quality content in there.