Joe’s filters

If you’re using Final Cut Pro and NOT using Joe’s filter… Spend a few minutes at Joe’s Filters. Joe is about to upgrade the filters, he writes in an e-mail today:

I’m finishing a major upgrade (way, way too long in coming) and starting to look for new ways to make the filters bigger, faster and better.

He also want’s you to help with the new filters, so if you have some answers on these questions…

  • Which filters do you use most?
  • What formats are you working in? (SD, HD, HDV, DVCPRO, Red, etc)
  • How did you first learn about Joe’s Filters?
  • What other plugins do you use?
  • What kinds of new tools would you like to see? (existing things done better, or things that haven’t been done yet)

His e-mail is in the sidebar, bottom right at

I use lots of Joe’s Filters in Final Cut Pro, on almost all projects. I can highly recommend them. They are great value for your money, and you can try them out before buying.

For $95 you get…

Joe’s Levels
Joe’s Sampled Color Levels
Joe’s Saturation & Colorize
Joe’s Simple Saturation
Joe’s Threshold & Posterize
Joe’s Bevel & Emboss
Joe’s Drop Shadow
Joe’s Inner Shadow
Joe’s Channel Blur
Joe’s Diffuser
Joe’s Motion Blur
Joe’s Generators
Joe’s Ellipse
Joe’s Shapes
Joe’s Color Noise
Joe’s Levels Noise
Joe’s Noise Reducer
Joe’s Saturation Noise
Joe’s Soft Stuff
Joe’s Soft Ellipse
Joe’s Soft Gradients
Joe’s Soft Shapes
Joe’s Soft Spot
Joe’s Color Glow
Joe’s Flexi-Smear
Joe’s Gradients
Joe’s Maximizer
Joe’s Pixelizer
Joe’s Frame Rate Adjuster
Joe’s Time Bender
Joe’s Broadcast Legalizer
Joe’s De-Interlacer
Joe’s Field Blender
Joe’s Field Fixer
Joe’s Multi-Frame Blender
Joe’s Y/C Corrector