There’s a new trend among people who suffer from info-glut (=too much info coming to you digitally). The trend is: Delete everything. One example:

But I’m not waiting until then. As of now, my fancy-pants, community-generated, emergent-behavior data-sorting heuristic is: a calendar. If I haven’t gotten to something in a week, it dies. Stick that in your attention economy and smoke it. I’m re-booting. Feed list: empty. In-box: empty. TiVo: OK, OK, I still need to watch “24.” But other than that: empty.

Greg Knaus is not the only one. A-list blogger Robert Scoble also deleted all his feeds from his RSS-reader:

By the way, I deleted all my feeds and am starting over.

(Did you add me back, Robert?)

Throw it out...

(Throw it out – on Flickr)

Cleaning mail

Merlin Mann deals with his e-mail in a similar fashion: Act or delete.

The only way an email will ever get out of your life (and out of your worrying brain) is to either deal with it or get rid of it. If you’re planning to do anything in-between, you should have an explicit understanding of why you’re doing so. Any idea which one of these is a particularly shitty idea?

  • I don’t have time to answer this now (but I will put it in “Respond to” and answer it within X days)
  • I just need to save this for future reference (so I’ll just toss it in my Archive)
  • I need to convert this into an action by the end of the day (so I’ll put it in my “Daily Pending” folder)
  • I’m going to just leave this in my inbox and think about it for a few days. Or months. Or years. Who knows?

Touch everything once whenever possible, but even if you’re busy, take the extra 2 seconds to consider whether this really has any place in your life. If not, just punt it.

I’m not ready to delete my RSS feed collection yet. But with e-mail, I’m with Merlin: Deal with it or get rid of it. I’m not going to use my 2.5 GBs (and rising) on gmail to store bad feelings about NOT gettings done.