New Mac GTD app: Inbox

Midnight Beep has a beta of a forthcoming Mac GTD app; Inbox.

Inbox by Midnight Beep

This looks very promising! Khoi Vinh of Subtraction asked for it some days ago:

It surprises me, actually, that no one is working on a proper, Cocoa-authored desktop application that is a fully-fledged, elegant version of kGTD.

“Elegant”. Exactly. I want the apps on my Mac to look fantastic. Nothing less. And Inbox looks fantastic. It looks like something Delicious Monster would have made, and that’s a big compliment in my book. If you have a look at the personal site of Hans Hansen of Midnight Beep, you’ll find an genuine interest for both technology and art. He has several sites, even one for gaming and one for “all the art and all the crack in the heart of San Francisco”.

Which is in a bit what Garr Reynolds in Presentation Zen talks about in his latest post:

However, it’s increasingly clear that logic alone is not a sufficient condition for success for individuals and for organizations. “Right-brain reasoning,” then, is every bit as important now — in some cases more important — than so-called “left-brain thinking.

Spot on. So I’m always excited when I find people that are able to geek and enjoy art, and not just stay on one side of the “fence”. Garr’s post is worth a post of it’s own. But then again, so are all his posts.

For now, I’m going to take Inbox for a test run, put lots of stuff in there, and start reporting back to Midnight Beep and to you what I think.


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