GTD online

There’s a race to be the best Mac GTD app. And the race is certainly on with the online versions too. I’ve looked at Tedium before, and Vitalist (or should I spell it “Vital!st” – nah… that looks like spam…) is similar to Tedium.

Vitalist projects screenshot

(Screenshot of Projects pane when adding a new action and assigning it to the @mac context)

I like Vitalist. It’s nice, clean and easy to understand. It needs to get a bit faster and responsive, as I had to wait a bit every time I entered something (even on a fast Mac and a very fast line). It should be as fast as the pages on Flickr when you update them.

There’s also a few things I see already (it’s a beta) that needs to be fixed:

I couldn’t find a way to edit contexts. I added contexts as “@online” and “@mac” but Vitalist added a “@” itself too. Easy to fix I guess.

Vitalist contexts screenshot

(Screenshot of contexts with @@)

There’s no “Forgot your password” so be sure to write it down. This is something beta sites often forget.

The biggest “problem” with online GTD solutions is – as always – what do you do when you’re NOT online?

I’m online most of my time, but I couldn’t use a system where I’m not able to at least see my tasks even when I’m offline.

Sync to iPod?

One way to solve this is syncing with iPods. Like the excellent Mac OS X software Actiontastic (still in beta) does. Check a button and all your projects and tasks go to your iPod as notes. You can’t edit them but you can see them and – most important of all – DO them!

I think there are three ways to sync online GTD tasks to an offline device: A standalone program, a mobile phone (not a cell phone) or an iPod. Making a standalone app is not something I would expect most online systems would do, as this would be just as much work as the online system itself. And people would compare their offline app with other specialized GTD apps like Actiontastic and Inbox.

Syncing to mobile phones would be perfect for most customers, but there are so many different phones. A total mess to make something that just works.

Syncing with iPod is an easy and consumerfriendly way to go.