GTD app: Ghost Action

The race for the best Mac GTD app is still on! A new app is in the race: Ghost Action.

Ghost Action screenshot

(Ghost Action screenshot. The app looks slightly different than this screenshot, as I use Uno).

I still have big hopes for OmniFocus, but Ghost Action looks clean and simple, and very similar to Actiontastic. It looks like it’s made using technology by Omni, the same way Actiontastic does.

Ghost Action syncs with iCal (both ways), something Inbox doesn’t do yet.

I had some problems when entering text into new actions. The text just disappeared after hitting Return. This happened twice on about 20 actions. I’ll try it out for some days. One “fun” thing is to see what happens with tasks already in iCal, synced from Actiontastic. Do the two apps live nicely together?