After several iPhone apps started supporting live streaming I was looking for a small tripod for the iPhone. The gorillamobile from Joby looked nice so I ordered one from Norwegian webstore FotoKnudsen PRO. It arrived today and what a disappointment!

The tripod itself is nice. I like the gorillapods and the way you can twist them around anything. But the interchangeable clips are a total failure. There are four clips in the packet, two “high bond adhesive clips”, one universal camera adapter and one “high-end suction cup”. High-end?? It’s tempting to say that it sucks, but that’s actually what it not does. It doesn’t suck.

I put the suction cup on the back of my iPhone 3Gs and I couldn’t even position the iPhone without it falling off. I have several gadgets that use suction to fix to things, like the front shield of my car. And the gorillamobile has the worst suction cup I ever have tested. Totally useless. And I would never use the suction cup to fix it to my bike or anything moving.

I probably should have checked better before buying, but I would have preferred some kind of cradle like the tomtom iPhone car kit. The whole point about the gorillapods are that you can stick your camera to anyhting. If you can’t trust the suction cup to actually hold your camera, the whole point is gone.

One final word: The camera adapter is nice anough so I may be using it for my waterproof camera.

PS. Yes, I tried using the suction cup on the iPhone screen, as the camera is on the back. It was slightly better but the iPhone still fell off everytime I tried adjusting the tripod.