FinalTouch in Final Cut Pro

Silicon Color announces that they have been bought by Apple. This is good news. FinalTouch is a program for color correction of movies. It’s typically used in high end environments where specially trained people do color correction on programs before airing them: Fixing color temperature in pictures, making cuts better by suiting the color of two different cameras/positions to each other, changing the color of special objects, making things in the (almost) dark more visible etc.

Now, let’s add things up here:

  • Apple has said that Shake is not to be updated.
  • Apple has bought Silicon Color and the Final Touch color correction app
  • Motion never became the killer app Apple wanted it to be

Motion is way cool, but I’m not sure that most Final Cut Users have discovered it yet. As I written before; I think the new version of Motion will be Motion on steroids. Apple will put lots of the stuff Shake can do inside Motion, and now also include the great color tools from Final Touch. I’m not even sure they will continue FinalTouch as separate product. It depends whether they manage to get a work flow for colorists inside Motion.


So getting better color correction in Final Cut Pro and Motion is reason number one for buying Silicon Color. Number two isn’t that obvious but I’m sure it’s a just as big reason for Apple: Aperture. Put the color tools of FinalTouch inside Aperture, add the realtime engines of Motion and finally the Core Image and (the new) Core Animation.html of OS X 10.5. What do you get? A app for processing photos that can compete with Photoshop. And lots more.

Steve Jobs loves photos. I don’t know whether he’s a photographer himself, but search for “Steve Jobs keynotes” on Google Video or YouTube, and watch when he demonstrates iPhoto. Always great photos, always quality. I’m sure Aperture – already an amazing application – will take giant steps forward with the color tools from FinalTouch added in the 2.0 version.