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Why does Gates worry?

Interesting thoughts from ITWire: Well if Gates believes that Apple’s claims about Vista and Macintosh are a pack of lies he obviously thinks that they’re powerful lies because he appears worried. And why wouldn’t he be? The part about a […]

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  • Bill Gates lying

Bill Gates losing it

I’m admiring Bill Gates for his new project, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Rich people everywhere should learn from him: Give away all (or most of) your money. But I seriously think Bill should leave Microsoft now. Why wait until […]

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Change Photoshop serial number from XP to Mac

…or the other way around. I applaud Adobe for doing this!! If you have a Windows license of Photoshop, and then switch to Mac OS X, you now can contact Adobe, and get a working serial for OS X. Or […]

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  • Rainbow in Photoshop

How to make a rainbow in Photoshop

Easy and well-illustrated tutorial on how to make a rainbow in Photoshop. Notice that there are two pages, as the rainbow looks like crap after the first page. ;.)

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  • Tedium tasks
  • Tedium tags

Interesting online GTD system

Tedium is a new web-based GTD system. You can access your lists from a modern browser on all platforms. Simple interface, but maybe too simple for my taste? Not sure yet. I think the tasks should have had more importance […]

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Songbird is a new media player for Mac, Windows and Linux, built on the same platform as Firefox. Beta is out now. Looks promising! Wonderful icons and website (let the world be beautiful!). Watch the screencast to have an idea […]

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Make your own iPod nano ad

You need Adobe After Effects and this cool tutorial from Creative Cow.

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Mac vs PC

The old OS war… But when a Larry writes something as utterly stupid as this, he gets a birthday present like this.

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  • Windows Vista T-shirt speech recognition

Dear Aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.

That’s what Windows Vista thought product manager Shanen Boettcher said: “Dear Aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.” What he DID say was “Dear mom”. Reuters has the story: Several tries at making the computer understand the […]

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Magic 8-ball on the secret “Zune” iPod killer

…if people look at it and their initial reaction is “Oh, it’s an iPod rip-off,” that’s a pretty crummy first impression. Does anyone at Microsoft realize that rip-offs aren’t considered cool? A: MY SOURCES SAY NO. Q: Then again, Pablo […]

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Do not send Word documents

I know I will use this link quite a lot

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Media Center on a Mac

The world is turning upside down.. Next up is HyperCard on Vista. Not.

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Media Centers NOT ready for primetime

The Inquirer reports that Media Center doesn’t sell. In Great Britain, only 150 000 have bought a Media Center PC, while over 2 million have bought a DVD recorders. Although the comparison is a bit unfair (DVD recorders are much […]

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Desktops are evolving

I think we will see this way of interacting with computers a lot in the years to come. It needs to be even better than this to become useful, but this is a good start. And imagine combining the ideas […]

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Multi OS switching

Kevin Lim has a cool video on his site, showing an Intel Mac running Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux. And using Virtue Destops to switch between OSes. Übercool!

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