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DRM is a stupid idea

While Bill Gates is busy making a total fool of himself, Steve Jobs has been thinking about music and DRM. In a (quite unusual) post on, named “Thoughts on music“, he shares his thoughts on DRM and the music […]

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Change Photoshop serial number from XP to Mac

…or the other way around. I applaud Adobe for doing this!! If you have a Windows license of Photoshop, and then switch to Mac OS X, you now can contact Adobe, and get a working serial for OS X. Or […]

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Beatles on iTunes

Ok, so the big news on CNN today is that Beatles will be on iTunes soon. At the same time, BBC reports that the copyright in Britain will NOT be extended: But an independent review is to recommend the terms […]

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Songbird is a new media player for Mac, Windows and Linux, built on the same platform as Firefox. Beta is out now. Looks promising! Wonderful icons and website (let the world be beautiful!). Watch the screencast to have an idea […]

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BPM for your iTunes songs

I just bought a iPod Nano and an Nike Sports Kit for it. I’m going to use it for running and bicycling, and I’m thrilled by it already. A full report coming soon! So when I heard about Tangerine, an […]

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  • tv - by horrortaxi

It’s epidemic – soon your tv will have a zillion channels

52 channels and nothing on? Soon you’ll have millions of channels and the traditional tv-channels will be in BIG trouble. I totally agree with what Eirik writes today: When the internet really starts to shift the flow of money in […]

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Phantom of the opera

The Phantom of the opera is out of copyright, which means you can do whatever you like with it. Watch it here if you like. Or download it in better quality from Internet Archive (left sidebar). The opening music is […]

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GarageBand changing the face of music creation

“Companies at the top end of the music industry are feeling GarageBand’s influence.” link

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Simple Minds – Live at Rockefeller

I’ve just posted a few pics from the Simple Minds concert at Rockfeller Music Hall in Oslo, February 19, 2006. I didn’t take them myself as my T630 camera… well sucks. So these are taken by Kai who has a […]

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  • Simon Le Bon by Andy Rosen

Andy Rosen rock photos

Andy Rosen posts awesome photos from his rock photographer era in London, 1976-1984. The above shot of Simon Le Bon is one of the over 60 great photos so far. Other include Siouxsie and the Banshees, Clash, Boy George, Jim […]

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  • Grundig PSW 5000

Grundig PSW 5000

This is coolest looking gadget I’ve seen for a long time. The Grundig PSW 5000 is a wireless speaker. Hook up the small unit to your stereo, iPod, computer whatever. And the big one where you want your tunes to […]

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From the track “Cozy Prison” on a-ha‘s latest album “Analogue”: So if you’re careful You won’t get hurt But if your careful all the time Then what’s it worth? Replace “get hurt” with “lose the game” or “get tired” or […]

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SXSW music

Anders of “Music (for robots)” posts his 79 favorites from the first SXSW torrent. Lots of great music, free for you and your pod.

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Depeche Mode – live in Oslo

Depeche Mode played live in Oslo Spektrum today. 8 000 people made it to the venue, trough piles of snow and cold wind here in Oslo. The concert started of a little disappointing. Bad sound mix, and the band didn’t […]

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CD cases from plain paper

Enter the tracks of your fresh, homemade CD, print and fold. Link

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