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How to get a bigger screen on Nokia N95 than iPhone

Yep. After watching people fight it out at Scoble, we figured we could end the fight right here. So here’s how to get a bigger screen on Nokia N95 than iPhone. (RSS subscribers may need to click through to the […]

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  • Rose d'Or

Trends in mobile TV (my presentation at Rose d’Or in Lucerne)

I did a presentation at Rose d’Or (also know as the Golden Rose) in Lucerne at tuesday. “Trends in mobile TV”, at Grand Casino, Casineum 7. May from 13.00-15.00. The Rose d’Or (or Golden Rose) is a highly prestigious television […]

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iPhone, my new book shelf?

1) The new Apple iPhone has a 160 ppi screen, when you flip it 90 degrees, the screen flips too, it can show pdfs… And you have it with you all the time… 2) The iTunes store has sold two […]


Update: There’s a newer video at “Multitouch will revolutionize your computer”. This is certainly something we’ll see in one form or another in Mac OS X pretty soon. — Apple let the iPhone out of the box today… and wow! […]

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Mobile phone (not cell phone) makes this good point: If you’re a U.S. resident, listen up: You must rid your vocabulary of the term “cell phone”. We’re one of the few economies on the planet to refer to a mobile phone accordingly. If you […]

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Wikipedia entries for GPS

Today I saw this: Geocoordinates from Wikipedia for Google Earth. It has coordinates for Google Earth for 52 175 English Wikipedia entries. So when you tarvel around in Google Earth, you get lots of clickable entries from Wikipedia. Very useful! […]

Have you called Luke Johnson?

Ok, then do. His number is (+1) 602-435-3694. He wants his phone to call 24/7 and I’m sure he will make it. Excellent way to prove that as long as you have something new to tell, people will come to […]

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Clever USB charger

Recharge your iPod, mobile phone, PSP, DVD player in-flight.

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Forget the iPhone… use your W800

Dreamsicle lets you use your Sony Ericsson W800 – the “walkman phone” to play your tunes and view your pictures. It syncs with iTunes and iPhoto, and has an option to reduce the size of the files to get more […]

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Or this one!

what could have been Originally uploaded to Flickr ChrisDodo. Superglue! hahahaha (see prevoius post)

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Now what we REALLY want…

In an ideal world… Nanotalby Originally uploaded to Flickr blackbeltjones. …isn’t a crappy iTunes phone AND a sleek iPod nano. We want a sleek iTunes nano phone.

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Leave your mobile phone on

Jason Kottke blogs today about a panel at Eyebeam, where the announcement were a bit different than other conferences/panels: “If you have cell phones or pagers, please leave them on because they might result in some interesting visual experiences for […]

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Flickr photos, taken at THIS location

I think this is a very good idea, Gary. Can’t wait actually.

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DVD-Jon planning supercheap text messages?

(Update on yesterday’s article.) Norwegian daily Dagbladet speculates on what DVD-Jon plans for mobile phones. According to the newspaper, it’s much cheaper to send text messages with the data part of the mobile phone network, than the “normal” SMS part. […]

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