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If you trust the naysayers…

…you will never have success. I read this at Guy Kawasaki’s blog today: What do you think would have happened if founders listened to pre-release comments about selling used printers online (eBay), creating the tenth search engine (Google), building personal […]

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“Once in every life/There comes a time/We walk out all alone”

A bit personal… Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk already has linked to this. But I have to do it too. Thomas says: Cyndie is a single mother of five and the photographs tell the story of her loss of her […]

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Chinese Democracy Syndrome

Gus Mueller writes about programming on his site, about how some programmers wants everything to be perfect before they ship something. There’s a whole lot of wisdom in what he says, and not only for programmers: …I think sometimes developers […]

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The beauty of Christmas (and holidays)

I was looking through my contacts pictures of Flickr today, and saw this picture by Mary-Anne. The text under it reads… My sister is visiting from halfway across the country. I asked her how long she’s staying. She said “Till […]

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What happened to thinking for yourself?

This is the most creepy movie trailer I’ve seen for a long time. And it isn’t even in the horror section.

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The small things

Scoble is doing his exit interview: A asks: “What would you say is the biggest flaw at Microsoft?” Its inability to see small things when those things are still small. Hello every boss out there. Copy. Open new text document. […]

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This is making me think too. As with Jason Kottke. Peter says: Not too long ago, I was very much engaged with many communities. I attended events on design and information architecture and web stuff. Now, I find myself on […]

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There’s a new trend among people who suffer from info-glut (=too much info coming to you digitally). The trend is: Delete everything. One example: But I’m not waiting until then. As of now, my fancy-pants, community-generated, emergent-behavior data-sorting heuristic is: […]

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From the track “Cozy Prison” on a-ha‘s latest album “Analogue”: So if you’re careful You won’t get hurt But if your careful all the time Then what’s it worth? Replace “get hurt” with “lose the game” or “get tired” or […]

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Personal DNA

Expect to see quite a few of these on sites and blogs in the days to come: Take the test yourself here. Be honest! And put your result in the comments or make a trackback. According to the test, I’m […]

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Remember 72 numbers in 60 seconds

Norwegian Oddbjørn By just set a new world record. He got these random numbers: 5, 0, 8, 1, 4, 3, 7, 3, 4, 2, 3, 1, 4, 7, 7, 5, 4, 1, 8, 5, 5, 2, 7, 8, 2, 9, […]

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Meditation builds up your brain

New Scientist reports: They found that meditating actually increases the thickness of the cortex in areas involved in attention and sensory processing, such as the prefrontal cortex and the right anterior insula. “You are exercising it while you meditate, and […]

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Taking good notes

Nice overview on different techniques for notetaking. Categories: mind Technorati tags: learning

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Bono for pope

Marc Pincus thinks Bono is the the new pope: “what makes Bono stand out as a true leader is that he is helping us realize our own power”. Support the One campaign and watch the video.

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Individual freedom

Do you care about your personal freedom? And others? Bruce does: Individual-i stands for Freedom from surveillance Personal privacy Anonymity Equal protection Due process Freedom to read, write, think, speak, associate, and travel The right to make your own choices […]

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