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  • Rose d'Or

Trends in mobile TV (my presentation at Rose d’Or in Lucerne)

I did a presentation at Rose d’Or (also know as the Golden Rose) in Lucerne at tuesday. “Trends in mobile TV”, at Grand Casino, Casineum 7. May from 13.00-15.00. The Rose d’Or (or Golden Rose) is a highly prestigious television […]

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NRKbeta is on the air

If you’re Norwegian, head over to NRKbeta to see posts about gadgets and techonolgy. NRKbeta is NRK’s (NRK at Wikipedia) new technology site. Our tagline: “NRKs sandkasse for teknologi, duppeditter, nye medier og alt annet som er viktig i livet.” […]

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  • Pia Tjelta

Make your ads so cool that people would want to see them

“FireTreToEn” is the new ad for Norwegian bank DnB NOR. It’s made like a movie trailer, with lots of action and some of the most popular actors in Norway, Pia Tjelta and Nicolai Cleve Broch. It’s open ended at leaves […]

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Just when you thought HD was the next big thing, then comes 3D HD

3D HD is THE next big thing. And it comes to sports and music first. NBA (the National Basketball Association in USA), plans to shoot some of their games in 3D HD. In a session called “Winning Ways to Wow […]

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  • tv - by horrortaxi

It’s epidemic – soon your tv will have a zillion channels

52 channels and nothing on? Soon you’ll have millions of channels and the traditional tv-channels will be in BIG trouble. I totally agree with what Eirik writes today: When the internet really starts to shift the flow of money in […]

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Why is gaming important?

Do you play games on your computer or a game console? Why? And if you do, do you think it’s important that “normal” media – meaning radio, tv, newspapers and magazines – covers gaming? Why? What are your reasons for […]

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BBC gets it

BBC will redesign their site,, to focus on three concepts: Share, find and play. The site should be bulit up around usergenerated content like blogs and videos, hoping to become the public service version of BBC also plan […]

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Star Wars x 100

When I saw the first Star Wars movie I heard that George Lucas were going to make nine movies. He ended on six, so he is three behind. Now Lucas is catching up, making a 100 episode tv-series! Great There’s […]

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What if every video was tagged?

Basketball blog True Hoop writes about Synergy Sports Technology, a company that will record and tag every miunte of NBA basketball played. The C|Net article they refer to, has an interesting point: In an e-mail interview, Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks […]

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Apple owns your living room

With the access Apple will no doubt get to Disney (Research)’s vast library of movies and TV shows, iTunes is about to get a huge boost toward becoming the front end for our digital TV and movie experience too. “What […]

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Promax BDA newsletter

Promax is a worldwide organization for people doing promotion and marketing in electronic and broadcast media. BDA is an association of broadcast and multimedia designers. Together, Promax BDA has over 4000 individuals or organizations as members. So I take it […]

Battlefield 2 Live

NRK2, one of the channels of Norwegian Broadcasting is airing the Battlefield 2 final tonight. It’s a rerun from the Scandinavian finals aired on NRK’s web-tv earlier this year. Since everybody is coming with their predictions for 2006, here’s mine: […]

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Fake, fake, fake again

I wrote about a Swedish campaign back in March 2005: Excellent campaign from the Swedish government. On you can read about how we are being surrounded by messages. About retouching, video effects, clever advertising slogans. Today it’s on Boingboing. […]

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Television executives don’t get it

Thomas Hawk thinks greed trumps innovation in the TV industry: This is what is going on with downloadable television at the moment. Although PVR ownership is growing there is still far too much money on the table for television executives […]

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Dvorak is Tired

He has been boring for 10 years now. And still is. Boring. As big and as important as Microsoft is, the coverage of the company is quite mediocre. This is particularly true in the mainstream press. The reason for this […]

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