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If you trust the naysayers…

…you will never have success. I read this at Guy Kawasaki’s blog today: What do you think would have happened if founders listened to pre-release comments about selling used printers online (eBay), creating the tenth search engine (Google), building personal […]

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  • Pia Tjelta

Make your ads so cool that people would want to see them

“FireTreToEn” is the new ad for Norwegian bank DnB NOR. It’s made like a movie trailer, with lots of action and some of the most popular actors in Norway, Pia Tjelta and Nicolai Cleve Broch. It’s open ended at leaves […]

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Worst Powerpoint ever – even worse?

I really thought I had found the worst Powerpoint ever presented by a CEO that should know better. But Seth Godin has found a worthy contestant.

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Volunteer to get killed – get paid

Norwegian crime author Jørgen Jæger wants to kill you in his next book. But only if you want to. And you’re getting paid. Here’s what he says on (in Norwegian): Kjære krimvenn! Jeg sitter i disse dager fordypet i […]

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Have you called Luke Johnson?

Ok, then do. His number is (+1) 602-435-3694. He wants his phone to call 24/7 and I’m sure he will make it. Excellent way to prove that as long as you have something new to tell, people will come to […]

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GTA and Coca-Cola

Great new ad from Coca-Cola. Truly a brilliant idea. Turn something completely around. When will we see the next ad doing this? Doom monsters sharing Mentos? Hitman dancing in the park with his iPod nano?

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Make a promo for “The Office”

NBC is already making clever use of it’s new strategic partnership with YouTube. Join the competition to make a promo for “The Office”, upload it to YouTube. See YouTube announcement or on NBC’s The Office pages. The promos will be […]

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You’re already dead

You just don’t know it yet.

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  • Microsoft adCenter Labs - stats for

adCenter Labs

Enter your URL at Microsoft adCenter Labs, and you get a nice representation of the people they expect visit your site. Here’s mine: Not to bad. Who is it that almost every marketer in the world wants to get? Clever […]

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Bravia ad redone

Clever. And funnier.

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[rant_mode on] Here’s a promise: I will not shop at XXL more. Period. XXL is a chain of huge shops with sports equipment. They sell shoes, sportswear, bikes, skis, tents, helmets, rackets, balls etc. They have a quite good website […]

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  • Most stupid ad ever - by Competitive Enterprise Institute

Most stupid ad ever made

If you have a blog, MySpace, LiveJournal, whatever… DO link to the most stupid ad ever made. And feel free to call the link “most stupid ad ever made”. Here are the slogans that ends the first of two 60-second […]

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  • Kate Moss Nikon Stunning Images

Nikon Stunning Gallery

Nikon has started a new campaign called “Nikon Stunning Gallery”. It works like this: You upload your picture(s) to Flickr and tag them “nikonstunninggallery”. A team from Nikon looks through all pictures tagged “nikonstunninggallery”, picks out the best ones (preferably […]

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The paradox of choice

Spend an hour watching this (An hour???! Are you nuts? This is the net, 20-seconds chunks is the most we can comprehend). Anyway, spend an hour watching this: If you read from a news reader, you may have to […]

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New apple ads…

…at Just coming back from Japan, I liked the “Network” one best…

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