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Multitouch will revolutionize your computer

Giles Turnbull at O’Reilly has a short update om Jeff Han, who makes the amazing multitouch interface. Jeff has founded the Perceptivepixel company. The website is just a front page (with lamp graphics in multitouch) and not much else. O’Reilly […]

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November 15th, 2006 ago I posted about Tynonym: Tynonym: Definition. So what is a tynonym? It’s a word that you get as a suggestion on your mobile phone when you spell a word with T9 on. January 10th, 2007 “Ksimsarian” […]

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iPhone, my new book shelf?

1) The new Apple iPhone has a 160 ppi screen, when you flip it 90 degrees, the screen flips too, it can show pdfs… And you have it with you all the time… 2) The iTunes store has sold two […]

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Help me decide

Recently I came over two posts on Flickr, where people asked for advice on what to do. First it was Jason Kottke that wanted an opinion on his new glasses. (original post on Flickr here). Then Matt Mullenweg wanted some […]

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Apple home server

Tom Rowley says the same thing I said some months ago: We need an Xserve home edition (only that he says it about a zillion times better): Automatic syncing of household digital content. Any device on the network that buys […]

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Today Jason writes about “The Cupertino effect”, described as “… incorrect spellcheck suggestions that make it into finalized documents”. He links to this post at the Language blog. Which made me think of a new word I’ve made up: Tynonym. […]

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Connect RSS feeds to people

Now you can assign RSS feeds to people in AIM messenger. Great idea. It only works in Trillian for Windows so far, but I think features like this will come everywhere pretty soon. I have been writing about similar ideas […]

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RSS feeds in Leopard Address Book?

When Tiger came out, I wrote that I wanted RSS feeds in the OS X Address Book: Lots of my friends and contacts use sites sites like Flickr, or LiveJournal. They have blogs, Amazon wishlists, and Upcoming pages. All […]

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9 months in 30 seconds

Matt Pressnall took a picture of his wife Carlin every day for 9 months, edited it together at put it on Google video. Excellent idea. Next for Matt would be to take a picture of his daugher Ella every day, […]

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  • Moleskine City Guides

Write in your books

Kottke links to a new series from Moleskine: City guide books with lots of blank pages for your notes, adresses, stories and drawings. Great idea! I wish more books came with blank pages. More space for notes. Books like “Blink” […]

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BBC gets it

BBC will redesign their site,, to focus on three concepts: Share, find and play. The site should be bulit up around usergenerated content like blogs and videos, hoping to become the public service version of BBC also plan […]

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  • Wellness System

Gyms get computerized (but only halfway there)

Technogym is a big maker of training machines and systems. They have now developed the “Wellness System”: The Wellness System is made up of hardware, software, and cutting-edge technologies linked to exercise equipment. It enables health and fitness facilities to […]

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  • StepUI

More “Africa” in your computer

Eirik posted about a Wired article from 1995, that we talked about a loooooong time ago. Brian Eno says (about computers): “What’s pissing me off is that it uses so little of my body. You’re just sitting there, and it’s […]

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Broadcast vCard

I was in a (very interesting) meeting today. And at the end we were doing the usual business card swapping. Since all of us were doing notes on our Macs and PC laptops, this seemed like a bit oldfashioned way […]

What if every video was tagged?

Basketball blog True Hoop writes about Synergy Sports Technology, a company that will record and tag every miunte of NBA basketball played. The C|Net article they refer to, has an interesting point: In an e-mail interview, Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks […]

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