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Using DevonThink for research

I’m a big fan of DevonThink – it’s an amazing application. I also use NovaMind, so this tutorial from DevonThink was perfect for me. It shows how to use NovaMind for mindmapping, then importing the map as an OPML file […]

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  • Rainbow in Photoshop

How to make a rainbow in Photoshop

Easy and well-illustrated tutorial on how to make a rainbow in Photoshop. Notice that there are two pages, as the rainbow looks like crap after the first page. ;.)

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Make your own iPod nano ad

You need Adobe After Effects and this cool tutorial from Creative Cow.

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  • Amnesty Generator
  • Pac-Man
  • Pac-Man widget

Google gadgets in OS X Dashboard

Apple has a list of several thousand widgets for Dashboard on And now you can add thousands more. All by yourself. First, download the new Amnesty Generator from Mesa Dynamics. It’s a small app for OS X. Next, head […]

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Howto: Reference files in Kinkless

If you’re using Kinkless, there’s an easy way to store reference files with your projects, right inside your Kinkless document. I usually make a mindmap for my bigger projects, using the excellent NovaMind mindmapping app (available for both Mac and […]

How to create realistic bubbles on your pictures

Here’s a how-to on how to create quite realistic looking bubbles on your pictures, using Photoshop or GIMP. It’s based on the Amazing circles technique I have written about before. Join the Amazing circles group at Flickr if you make […]

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  • Word suggestions

Word suggestions in OS X

Did you know that when you’re typing in Cocoa apps, you can write a few letters of a word, then press Option-Escape, and you get a pop-up list with word suggestions. Like this: This works in TextEdit, Pages, Safari text […]

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  • iLife

How to have comments on sites made with iWeb

If you have the latest iLife ’06 from Apple, you may have started using iWeb to publish your websites. But how do you enable comments on them? Well, you cant. There is no such function. So Chad Brantly made a […]

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How to make your PSP look like OS X

PSPX is a PSP portal to make your PSP look like Mac OS X. It looks and feels just like a mac! It features a working dock, an Apple menu, About screen and a working Finder with games and more […]

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FCP animation

FCP guru Ken Stone shows how to do simple animations in Final Cut Pro.

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How to place lots of pictures in group on Flickr

Lets say you had a wedding and had hundreds of photos. You want to share them with friends on Flickr. But not the rest of the world. So you create a private group and invite your friends to join it. […]

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How to deal with telemarketers

Just follow the arrows. Absolutely brilliant.

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How to create Amazing circles

Kamome has made an excellent technique for making amazing circles. This is a more detailed description: Make a square selection 1. Open an image in Photoshop (screenshots are from Photoshop CS2 on Mac). Higher resolution and size will give better […]

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Getting things done with Automator and Spotlight

By using Spotlight and Automator, and the new Smart folders in OS X 10.4, you can change all those messy files on the desktop to something useful. And very David Allen-ish! First, read my previous entry about “Add spotlight tags”. […]

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How to make your own comics – in Comic life

I just bought a copy of Comic Life from Plasq. It’s an application that lets you take pictures from iPhoto (or Finder), drag them into Comic Life, and make your own comics with speech bubbles and sound effects: Zap! Pow! […]

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