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There’s a new trend among people who suffer from info-glut (=too much info coming to you digitally). The trend is: Delete everything. One example: But I’m not waiting until then. As of now, my fancy-pants, community-generated, emergent-behavior data-sorting heuristic is: […]

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Exporting Safari bookmarks to

Do you have lots of bookmarks in Safari, that you would like to put on Use Safarilicous, the new software from Benedikt Terhechte. It scans through all your Safari bookmarks, and uploads them to To help you started […]

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Searchable tickler file

Dinah Sanders, also known as MetaGrrrl, has a clever method for making a searchable tickler file. I have to try that!

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Fascinating japanese filingsystem

The Noguchi Filing System is fascinating. You put papers you want to file in envelopes, write a title and a date on them and stack them in a shelf. No classification, tagging or anything.

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Bureaucratic superheroes

Neil makes superhero cartoons: This superhero does SO need to meet David…

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Go on until you fall over

When watching the last leg of Tour de France 2005, one of the commentators told that Lance Armstrong have said something like this: “I’d rather be number one and in the front the whole race, loose the sprint and become […]

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Stand up, be productive

“By mimicking the sympathetic reactions to a threatening environment (sitting up straight, standing, moving quickly, deeper breathing), it appears to be possible to activate the sympathetic system, which then takes over. We are ready to act, or in our case, […]

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Don’t make mistakes? has a post about six ways to get more done each day. Number six reads: “6. Avoid to make mistakes Finally, mistakes are the one of the most deadly time waster. If you have made one mistake on a […]

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Getting Things Done with Index Cards

Jazzmasterson does GTD with index cards. Way cool! But I’ll keep my Palm. He has a nice blog too! See my GTD category for more posts on GTD and Productivity. Technorati tags: gtd / productivity

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Back on track again

It’s so easy to surf the net for new solutions, new software, new ways of working. Instead of just reading the slogan of your old Nike-shirt: Just do it. Merlin has excellent advice – again. 43 Folders is my first-read […]

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Planning is so much more fun than doing (for some)

Merlin hits the nail on the head in his post: “Because buying new running shoes is more fun than actually running”. My concern is that there’s a big difference between buying new running shoes and actually hitting the road every […]

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Praise for my “Getting things done” post

The response to my post about Getting things done on your Mac has been overwhelming! Mike Wendland (NBC-TV News Channel Internet correspondent) called it “ultra cool organizational things Mac Tiger users can do”. Thanks, Mike! It entered the popular […]

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Getting things done with Automator and Spotlight

By using Spotlight and Automator, and the new Smart folders in OS X 10.4, you can change all those messy files on the desktop to something useful. And very David Allen-ish! First, read my previous entry about “Add spotlight tags”. […]

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How to think when designing (or anything else)

Jeff Veen has been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”, and reflects about how he thinks when designing things. Interesting reading. “And I sort of realized that I do design that way. I build up a tremendous amount of background data, let […]

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43 Folders wiki is up

The 43 Folders wiki is up and running at Great! Merlin has an excellent site at 43 Folders, and I’m sure going to contribute.

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