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OmniFocus video is out

Omnigroup just posted a new video showing the main features of the forthcoming OmniFocus application. And it looks like they are doing almost everything right. The two things I like the most: Focus Let’s you focus on a special project […]

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GTD mac app: iGTD

Bartek Bargiel is another one in the race for the best Mac GTD application. In good Apple style it’s called iGTD and has some very nice features (and some annoying shortcomings as well). The two things I like the most: […]

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Sean Tierney: Use your desktop as a matrix for urgency/importance

Urgency vs. Importance and the 5th system for scattered todos: Mentally superimpose the above graph on your desktop (or if you really want, draw it as your background). Drag the resources (URL locations, documents, graphics, audio files, forms, whatever you’re […]

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Program your own GTD app

Now you can, as Jon Crosby has decided to make Actiontastic free and open source: The free (as in “free beer”) part starts tonight. The code (as in “freely available source code”) will follow when the overhead of a new […]

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OmniFocus icon

What do you think of the icon draft Omni has posted for OmniFocus? I’m not sure. I think the other Omni icons are way better. Here they are, presented with the three “main” competitors OmniFocus have: If I were in […]

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  • Ghost Action screenshot
  • Ghost Action screenshot

GTD app: Ghost Action

The race for the best Mac GTD app is still on! A new app is in the race: Ghost Action. (Ghost Action screenshot. The app looks slightly different than this screenshot, as I use Uno). I still have big hopes […]

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OmmiFocus is progressing

The race for the best Mac GTD app is still on, and today we had a new version of Inbox (1.0.5) out, and yesterday OmniFocus showed the first screenshots of upcoming GTD app OmniFocus in a get-together at MacWorld in […]

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Inbox 1.0.5 is out

Direct download is here. Also see the Inbox review.

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Chinese Democracy Syndrome

Gus Mueller writes about programming on his site, about how some programmers wants everything to be perfect before they ship something. There’s a whole lot of wisdom in what he says, and not only for programmers: …I think sometimes developers […]

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GTD online

There’s a race to be the best Mac GTD app. And the race is certainly on with the online versions too. I’ve looked at Tedium before, and Vitalist (or should I spell it “Vital!st” – nah… that looks like spam…) […]

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Interesting online GTD system

Tedium is a new web-based GTD system. You can access your lists from a modern browser on all platforms. Simple interface, but maybe too simple for my taste? Not sure yet. I think the tasks should have had more importance […]

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The race for the best Mac GTD app

The Omni group is planning a GTD app, which will be called OmniFocus: It has a name. It has a team of engineers working on it, a user interface guru mocking up modes and widgets for it, and a product […]

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  • Inbox by Midnight Beep

New Mac GTD app: Inbox

Midnight Beep has a beta of a forthcoming Mac GTD app; Inbox. This looks very promising! Khoi Vinh of Subtraction asked for it some days ago: It surprises me, actually, that no one is working on a proper, Cocoa-authored desktop […]

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Howto: Reference files in Kinkless

If you’re using Kinkless, there’s an easy way to store reference files with your projects, right inside your Kinkless document. I usually make a mindmap for my bigger projects, using the excellent NovaMind mindmapping app (available for both Mac and […]

You need three e-mail adresses (or more)

Michael Hyatt get’s too much mail: This past weekend, I realized that about 20 percent of it comes from email newsletters and companies I’ve done business with in the past. Half of it, I don’t recall opting into—even legitimate companies. […]

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