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Worst Powerpoint ever – even worse?

I really thought I had found the worst Powerpoint ever presented by a CEO that should know better. But Seth Godin has found a worthy contestant.

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1 000 Amazing Circles (actually 9 743)

In November 2005 I promised not to mention Amazing Circles on my site until member number 1 000…. I broke my promise. Twice. I admit. Screenshot: The latest creations in the Flickr Amazing Circles group But now there are 1 […]

  • Photoshop CS3 replacement icon

Photoshop CS3 better icon

Adam Betts has made a replacement icon for the new Photoshop CS3.

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  • Rainbow in Photoshop

How to make a rainbow in Photoshop

Easy and well-illustrated tutorial on how to make a rainbow in Photoshop. Notice that there are two pages, as the rainbow looks like crap after the first page. ;.)

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Make your own iPod nano ad

You need Adobe After Effects and this cool tutorial from Creative Cow.

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  • Podcast icon

Podcast icon

Remember when RSS got a new icon some time ago? Within weeks and months, everybody agreed to use the new icons from Feed Icons. I don’t know if this is old news, if anyone has suggested something like this before […]

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A year of free instruction videos

Enter your e-mail adress here, and you’re in the draw to win a one-year premium subscription to’s Online Training Library, worth $375. There are videos for Final Cut Pro, After Affects, Photoshop, Flash, Mac OS X, Windows XP and […]

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Time for Shake

Apple just lowered the price for Shake to $499. So now you can have the high-end compositing program that was used to put together Lord Of The Rings for less than the price of Photoshop CS2. No excuse anymore…

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Redesigned – again

I got tired of the old look, and installed the Fauna WordPress theme. I also have created a logo, and a new header. The logo is supposed to combine two things: A stylized sun – something you need on a […]

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Adobe wants our feedback

Go ahead, make a wish…

  • LinoType FontExplorer

iTunes for your fonts

LinoType FontExplorer is out of beta. It’s a great product, it’s like iTunes for your fonts. And it’s free.

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  • Chaoscope creation


This wonderful picture is made in the Windows freeware Chaoscope by Ralph Abraham. Does anyone know if there is something similar for the Mac, or if it is possible to port it to OS X? See more pictures made with […]

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  • How much bigger is a big display?

Buy a bigger display

Eric Mack wants a bigger display for mindmapping. I have some thoughts on this: I have been using displays of all sizes from 14″ to 30″ the last year. And there is one single rule that works: The bigger the […]

Promax BDA newsletter

Promax is a worldwide organization for people doing promotion and marketing in electronic and broadcast media. BDA is an association of broadcast and multimedia designers. Together, Promax BDA has over 4000 individuals or organizations as members. So I take it […]

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