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Two pirate rules

After a busy night in SF, I just would like to state the two very important rules for pirates: #2: One eyepatch good, two eyepatches very bad. #1: Too much Rum make you forget rule #2

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Worst Powerpoint ever – even worse?

I really thought I had found the worst Powerpoint ever presented by a CEO that should know better. But Seth Godin has found a worthy contestant.

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Volunteer to get killed – get paid

Norwegian crime author Jørgen Jæger wants to kill you in his next book. But only if you want to. And you’re getting paid. Here’s what he says on (in Norwegian): Kjære krimvenn! Jeg sitter i disse dager fordypet i […]

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How I keep in touch with (some of) my friends?

how I keep in touch with (some of) my friends?, originally uploaded by geirarne. Brilliant table by Geir Arne. How would your chart look? Put up 10 of your friends, and check them off for e-mail, phone, sms etc.

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  • Joost screenshot

Joost invitations

I have two four Joost invitations I would like to give to you. Post a link to or one of my articles on your blog/site. And put the link to your site in the comments below. I’ll pick out […]

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Go bananas with your selfportrait

It’s friday. Kick up your feet, fire up Photoshop and go crazy with your selfportraits. Don’t show your kids. They’ll have bad dreams.

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Lego iPhone

Lego iPhone, originally uploaded by gilest. Why wait until June? Make your own iPhone today.

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November 15th, 2006 ago I posted about Tynonym: Tynonym: Definition. So what is a tynonym? It’s a word that you get as a suggestion on your mobile phone when you spell a word with T9 on. January 10th, 2007 “Ksimsarian” […]

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Macs are awesome now

What happened to “Macs are for queers?” (and note the title of the comic).

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Last orders please, the world’s about to end!

No. 20 is my favourite.

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I’m Green Lantern

Ok, since everybody else is doing it… I’m Green Lantern, described on Wikipedia as having… …a “power ring” that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower. Great. So for 2007 […]

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  • Helpmedecide Jason's glasses
  • Helpmedecide dresses

Help me decide

Recently I came over two posts on Flickr, where people asked for advice on what to do. First it was Jason Kottke that wanted an opinion on his new glasses. (original post on Flickr here). Then Matt Mullenweg wanted some […]

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Jason’s new glasses

Hey, we all get to have an opinion on Jason’s new glasses. I agree with msjenbee: “This thread is far better than any makeover show I’ve seen on TV.” But what on earth is Andrew talking about? “See, I was […]

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Today Jason writes about “The Cupertino effect”, described as “… incorrect spellcheck suggestions that make it into finalized documents”. He links to this post at the Language blog. Which made me think of a new word I’ve made up: Tynonym. […]

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Mac vs PC

The old OS war… But when a Larry writes something as utterly stupid as this, he gets a birthday present like this.

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