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How to create Amazing circles

Kamome has made an excellent technique for making amazing circles. This is a more detailed description: Make a square selection 1. Open an image in Photoshop (screenshots are from Photoshop CS2 on Mac). Higher resolution and size will give better […]

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I [heart] undo

I [heart] undo Originally uploaded to Flickr jkottke. Jason Kottke has posted this photo from the AIGA Design Conference. It reminds of a friend of mine who had been working 16 hours a day on a big project, sitting in […]

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Or this one!

what could have been Originally uploaded to Flickr ChrisDodo. Superglue! hahahaha (see prevoius post)

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Now what we REALLY want…

In an ideal world… Nanotalby Originally uploaded to Flickr blackbeltjones. …isn’t a crappy iTunes phone AND a sleek iPod nano. We want a sleek iTunes nano phone.

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Roboraptor attacks!

Attack mode! Originally uploaded to Flickr Eirik Newth. Lucky you, Eirik! Playing with the new Roboraptor. I have to hide this post for the kids… Technorati Tags: games, robots

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Free broadband in hotels

Radisson SAS today announced that their hotels now will offer free broadband for guests. Most hotels also have wifi. So now you can surf from the lounge or stream “The girl from Ipanema” in the elevator! This is a good […]

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Coldplay – live in Oslo

Coldplay – Centre Bell, Montréal, 03.08.2005 – 07 Originally uploaded to Flickr fusaka. Coldplay is playing here in Oslo at October 31. Tickets are in house, and concert added to Upcoming. Add yourself if you’re going!

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The yellow chair escaping

Defenestration Originally uploaded to Flickr Dawn Endico. Yeah, I know. Lot’s of Flickr posts lately. But this one was too cool to be missed. From an art project in San Francisco. Also see the Defenestration project’s home page.

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Apple Mighty Mouse pirated! Originally uploaded to Flickr a superhero by night. Flickr user “a superhero by night” thinks Apple marketing got it a bit wrong this time (for once I must add). So he improves the new Mighty Mouse web page.

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Those Pesky Ninja’s!

Those Pesky Ninja’s! Originally uploaded to Flickr Michael Heilemann. LOL. Seth Godin would love this. Update Seth does love it. See Seth’s blog

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Famous danes, according to Google

Michael Heilemann of Binary Bonsai is the most famous Dane. According to Google of course. As Michael himself notes in his post at Flickr: “HC Andersen should’ve known about PageRank”. The original list by Per Abrahamsen has 121 names, and […]

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Flickr adds “interestingness” feature

Flickr has added a new feature they call “interestingness”. From the description, it is “Where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are […]

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Nice and unobtrusive wallpapers from Special

Wallpaper Originally uploaded by Special. Special has made a nice set of wallpapers at Flickr. Also see the wallpapers by Special’s friend, thepipes.

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Tags is THE new thing on the net. It works like this: You put small keywords, or tags, on everything from bookmarks to pictures. One example: For this post, I have added these tags: tags / technorati / flickr / […]

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We’re not afraid!

Jan started the We’re not afraid! web page. Very good idea! With lots of good photos. He’s very busy (“we have about 650 emails unprocessed and growing”), so it seems like a good idea to upload them to Flickr. There […]

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