How to create Amazing circles

Kamome has made an excellent technique for making amazing circles. This is a more detailed description:

Make a square selection

1. Open an image in Photoshop (screenshots are from Photoshop CS2 on Mac). Higher resolution and size will give better results. I have used a picture I took myself some time ago. If you want to use the same picture for this How to, you can find it here.

2. You need to make a selection that is squared. Use the selection tool, and set the aspect ratio to fixed:

Amazing Circles step 2

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I [heart] undo

I [heart] undo

Originally uploaded to Flickr jkottke.

Jason Kottke has posted this photo from the AIGA Design Conference. It reminds of a friend of mine who had been working 16 hours a day on a big project, sitting in front of her Mac editing in Photoshop.

She came back to her apartment, and had some milk. She was tired and poured lots of milk on the table. Then her left hand flew onto the edge of the table, her thumb pressed down and another finger hitting an imaginary Z key.

It took her several seconds before she realized the the real world doesn’t come with Apple and Z – the undo combination in all Mac software.

Also: If you’re designing stuff, and want this look without using actual tape, Fuse has a font called Tape type, designed by Fuel.

Free broadband in hotels

Radisson SAS today announced that their hotels now will offer free broadband for guests. Most hotels also have wifi. So now you can surf from the lounge or stream “The girl from Ipanema” in the elevator!

sas radisson

This is a good thing. Start the competition! Hotel wifi has been too expensive for long, and hopefully others (like Best Western) will follow. See this post at Flickr.

I recently paid NOK 50 (7,84 US Dollars or 6,33 Euro) for 30 minutes in a Norwegian hotel. It was at Fru Haugans hotel in Mosjøen, Norway. Way too expensive, even though it was better paying a lot for it than not getting it – which was the option at the other two hotels I asked at in Mosjøen.


Doc Searls posts about ridiculous prices for broadband at Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston. 56K is free, Premium service is $10 day. Bally’s in Las Vegas is even worse.

If you experience bad service with wifi at hotels, upload a screenshot or even a picture from the hotel at Flickr. Tag it “bad service”.

Update 2
Hotelchatter lists best wifi hotels 2006. The winners are Kimpton hotels.

Kimpton doesn’t count on their lobby WiFi network to reach the top floors of their buildings, instead, at the hotels we visited, Kimpton actually had two separate WiFi networks–one for the lobby and the other for the guest rooms. Both networks are easily accessible by clicking on a standard terms and conditions. Furthermore, during our Kimpton visits, friendly staffers went out of their way to ask us if we were getting a good reliable WiFi signal in both the lobby and our room, and guess what? We were.

Famous danes, according to Google

Michael Heilemann of Binary Bonsai is the most famous Dane. According to Google of course. As Michael himself notes in his post at Flickr: “HC Andersen should’ve known about PageRank”. The original list by Per Abrahamsen has 121 names, and some that didn’t make it into the list.

famous danes.png

As you can see: Michael Helleman is more famous than HC Andersen. Lars von Trier beats Niels Bohr. Viggo Mortensen beats Søren Kierkegaard. And Brigitte Nielsen beats Karen Blixen. Ah, the joys of pagerank.

Flickr adds “interestingness” feature

Flickr has added a new feature they call “interestingness”. From the description, it is “Where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are constantly changing. Interestingness changes over time, as more and more fantastic photos and stories are added to Flickr.”.

flickr interestingness.png

The main page is Explore/Interesting, and there’s a calender for every month passing. Like this year’s July, June, May and April. You can also have a quick look at the most interesting photos the last 24 hours.


Tags is THE new thing on the net. It works like this: You put small keywords, or tags, on everything from bookmarks to pictures.

One example: For this post, I have added these tags:

tags / technorati / flickr / delicious

I have set my blog up so that when you click on a tag, you see all other posts I have tagged with the same tag. Other tags I use a lot are mac / gtd / feature_requests is popular site where you can store your bookmarks online. You save a bookmark, and tag it with the keywords (tags) that you like. So if you bookmark this post at, you could use the same tags I have used at my site:

tags / technorati / flickr / delicious

Try clicking any of these, and you will get all posts on tagged with these tags.

Same goes with Flickr: You upload your digital photos, tag them what you like, and others can search on the tags.

The most popular tags on Flickr has it’s own page.

TagClouds is a new free service, that scans through all the words in your blog or website. And then makes a TagCloud for your site. Here’s my TagCloud:

It shows the most used words on my blog, and clicking them will show you all posts on my site with that tag. I must say that it misses the point completely, as most of these words only have been used once or twice on my site. I have to check if I have set it up wrong…

Technorati is the last place to have in mind when using tags. If you set up your blog software correctly, it will “ping” Technorati everytime you put a tag on your pages. Like Flickr and, Technorati keeps track of which tags are popular any time.

And if you would like to see the latest blog posts from all over the world, using the same tags I have used so far, here are the links to the Technorati tags:

tags / technorati / flickr / delicious

Start tagging!

We’re not afraid!

Jan started the We’re not afraid! web page. Very good idea! With lots of good photos. He’s very busy (“we have about 650 emails unprocessed and growing”), so it seems like a good idea to upload them to Flickr.

There are already some tagged with werenotafreaid, and there’s a group for it too.

Here’s an example of the We’re not afraid! photos. Go make your own…

We're not afraid! photo by TheBridge

There’s also a Missing persons group for the London bombings at Flickr.

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