Skitch is a brand new app for uploading of pictures. “Heh, I need an app for that??”, you might say. Yes, you do. Because Skitch do it in ways you wouldn’t believe. It looks amazing, behaves like it has a Nobel Prize-brain, and the icon is sweet.

Check out the 3 minutes entry video which says it all:

Then go grab a semi-public beta at Colin Devroe, or just wait a few hours until it’s public beta.

Nike + iPod mac app

Graham is thinking about making a Nike + iPod application for OS X. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • Graphs that show your progress over time, either with the same route, or how far you manage to run in (example) 60 minutes.
  • Map integration. Let me put my runs on a map like on Nike+
  • Route playlist planning. Don’t know if that would be useful, but I thought it would be cool if I could put up a map for my run, grab data from previous runs of the same route, mark different sections of the run with a marker (like part 1, part 2 etc), and then drag in songs from iTunes to fit the different parts. Like power songs in the hills, slower stuff when it’s flat etc.
  • Some way to integrate the running with iCal. Bitch me if I’m lazy!

If you have any ideas, put them here or in the thread at Flickr. Ditto if you have any good suggestion for other Mac software that uses the data the Nike + iPod collects.

1 000 Amazing Circles (actually 9 743)

In November 2005 I promised not to mention Amazing Circles on my site until member number 1 000…. I broke my promise. Twice. I admit.

Amazing circles 1000

Screenshot: The latest creations in the Flickr Amazing Circles group

But now there are 1 002 members in the Amazing Circles Flickr group, and member number 1 000 is JJjunki from Tsukuba, Japan. Welcome! Here’s a circle JJjunki made.

The group now approcahes 10 000 Amazing Circles, with the most active members close to 200 circles each.

Also, a big applause for Nadano Kamome, who started this with the picture “How to edit Reversing world” in October 2005. I almost met Kamome in April 2006, when I visited Japan with my family. Almost, because we couldn’t find a spot and time where we both could be at the same time. I think we even passed each other on different trains between Kyoto and Kobe at some point! Next time, Kamome, I promise! I’m definitely going back to Japan, which was just brilliant. Remind me finishing my Japan series that I started ( – tag “Japan”), but never finished.

If you do a Google search for “Amazing Circles”, you’ll get over 37 000 hits. That’s a quite a bit for a name I “invented” only 15 months ago. According to Trendmapper (Amazing Circles chart), it has been as high as about 95 000 hits back in May 2006. And when Digg caused a stampede in February 2006, the site went down. Heh.

Some people have gone bananas with pictures of themselves. So if you want to make some really scary new year’s cards…

The beauty of Christmas (and holidays)

I was looking through my contacts pictures of Flickr today, and saw this picture by Mary-Anne. The text under it reads…

My sister is visiting from halfway across the country. I asked her how long she’s staying. She said “Till Sunday.” And I realized… that meant absolutely nothing to me.

This is a good thing. A thing worth celebrating. I had (for that brief time) achieved a state of blissful disconnection from the Real World… to the point where I truly had no idea what day of the week it was. Woo hoo. Here’s to holidays from clocks, calendars, and duties of all kinds.

That is the real beauty of holidays: A “blissful disconnection from the Real World” – what a wonderful expression. And having “…no idea what day of the week it was”.

Thanks, Mary-Anne! You put words on something I have been feeling the last days.

Help me decide

Recently I came over two posts on Flickr, where people asked for advice on what to do. First it was Jason Kottke that wanted an opinion on his new glasses. (original post on Flickr here).

Helpmedecide Jason's glasses

Then Matt Mullenweg wanted some advice on which dress his girlfriend should wear in an upcoming wedding:

Helpmedecide dresses

(original Flickr posts here and here.) And the winner was the dress on the left. The jury is still out on Matt’s tie…

This is the new web: Communicating with others, and letting you decide. Just as Time Magazine have figured out too too:

In 2006, the World Wide Web became a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter.

The “help me decide” tag

What if we tag all posts like this “helpmedecide” – in one word and no spaces? Tag your posts for Technorati (tag: helpmedecide), your bookmarks for (tag: helpmedecide) and your pictures for Flickr (tag: helpmedecide) (and similar services).

I’ve created a Flickr group for this. So if you want the world to help you decide, just take pictures of the different choices you have, and make a new thread in the Flickr group. Buying a house? A car? A dress? Can’t decide on the christmas presents? We’ll help you decide!

And feel free to post links to posts and pics in the comments. I’ll promise to vote!

323 seconds… be patient…


originally uploaded by BURИBLUE.

…and this is what you get. Amzingly cool photo by Toby Keller (“Burnblue”). Put your camera on a tripod, and open the shutter for 323 seconds. Yes. 323. It must have been very dark when shot. But look at the great colors. And the fireflies seem to have been flying on command.

See my other favourites at Flickr here.

Update: 92 seconds ain’t bad either…

Simple Minds – Live at Rockefeller

I’ve just posted a few pics from the Simple Minds concert at Rockfeller Music Hall in Oslo, February 19, 2006. I didn’t take them myself as my T630 camera… well sucks.

Simple Minds - live at Rockefeller in Oslo - February 19, 2006

So these are taken by Kai who has a much better cameraphone. There are five pictures in all.

It was a great concert. Ever since Harald Are Lund at NRK played a track from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) on my crappy radio back in 1980 or something, I have loved Simple Minds. I play all their records on my iPod, but must admit that New Gold Dream still is my favourite (and the one giving the name to this site).

We came early, and without trying hard at all, we ended up at the front row. Which was brilliant. Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill singing and playing a meter away.

After the concert we were standing outside, talking. Then a friend of mine, let’s just call him Gunnar, wants to have a beer. It’s sunday, it’s almost 23:00 at night, and all of us are going to work at 7:00 next morning. For some strange reason Gunnar wins the discussion, and we cross the street heading for the pub. Next thing that happens is that Jim Kerr, Mel Gaynor and Charlie Burchill comes out, passes the spot where Gunnar wanted the bear, and heads for the band bus.

Thanks, Gunnar. I promised to remind you about everytime we talk about music, concerts or drinking for the rest of my life, so consider this a start. 😉 Who knows, maybe even nice people like Jim and Charlie wouldn’t have stopped for a chat with five fans outside a venue in the cold February night in Oslo… Or maybe they would have.

Where’s my iPod?