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  • Rose d'Or

Trends in mobile TV (my presentation at Rose d’Or in Lucerne)

I did a presentation at Rose d’Or (also know as the Golden Rose) in Lucerne at tuesday. “Trends in mobile TV”, at Grand Casino, Casineum 7. May from 13.00-15.00. The Rose d’Or (or Golden Rose) is a highly prestigious television […]

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NRKbeta is on the air

If you’re Norwegian, head over to NRKbeta to see posts about gadgets and techonolgy. NRKbeta is NRK’s (NRK at Wikipedia) new technology site. Our tagline: “NRKs sandkasse for teknologi, duppeditter, nye medier og alt annet som er viktig i livet.” […]

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OmniFocus video is out

Omnigroup just posted a new video showing the main features of the forthcoming OmniFocus application. And it looks like they are doing almost everything right. The two things I like the most: Focus Let’s you focus on a special project […]

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  • Joost 1
  • Joost 2


The latest beta of Joost is out, version 0.9. Screenshot: Joost video – Ministry of Sound music videos The Joost FAQ says… TV, the way you like it… …Hundreds of shows from your favourite channels …Full-screen, high-quality pictures and sound […]

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Nike + iPod mac app

Graham is thinking about making a Nike + iPod application for OS X. Here are some of my initial thoughts: Graphs that show your progress over time, either with the same route, or how far you manage to run in […]

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  • TrustedPlaces screenshot

Where do we eat?

How about where your friends eat? You could ask them, make lots of notes, or just sign up to TrustedPlaces. A new web service where you recommend, tag and rate restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars. Yoo get a Google map […]

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Multitouch will revolutionize your computer

Giles Turnbull at O’Reilly has a short update om Jeff Han, who makes the amazing multitouch interface. Jeff has founded the Perceptivepixel company. The website is just a front page (with lamp graphics in multitouch) and not much else. O’Reilly […]

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DRM is a stupid idea

While Bill Gates is busy making a total fool of himself, Steve Jobs has been thinking about music and DRM. In a (quite unusual) post on, named “Thoughts on music“, he shares his thoughts on DRM and the music […]

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iPhone, my new book shelf?

1) The new Apple iPhone has a 160 ppi screen, when you flip it 90 degrees, the screen flips too, it can show pdfs… And you have it with you all the time… 2) The iTunes store has sold two […]

  • Helpmedecide Jason's glasses
  • Helpmedecide dresses

Help me decide

Recently I came over two posts on Flickr, where people asked for advice on what to do. First it was Jason Kottke that wanted an opinion on his new glasses. (original post on Flickr here). Then Matt Mullenweg wanted some […]

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Apple home server

Tom Rowley says the same thing I said some months ago: We need an Xserve home edition (only that he says it about a zillion times better): Automatic syncing of household digital content. Any device on the network that buys […]

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Wikipedia entries for GPS

Today I saw this: Geocoordinates from Wikipedia for Google Earth. It has coordinates for Google Earth for 52 175 English Wikipedia entries. So when you tarvel around in Google Earth, you get lots of clickable entries from Wikipedia. Very useful! […]

  • tv - by horrortaxi

It’s epidemic – soon your tv will have a zillion channels

52 channels and nothing on? Soon you’ll have millions of channels and the traditional tv-channels will be in BIG trouble. I totally agree with what Eirik writes today: When the internet really starts to shift the flow of money in […]

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Why is gaming important?

Do you play games on your computer or a game console? Why? And if you do, do you think it’s important that “normal” media – meaning radio, tv, newspapers and magazines – covers gaming? Why? What are your reasons for […]

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RSS feeds in Leopard Address Book?

When Tiger came out, I wrote that I wanted RSS feeds in the OS X Address Book: Lots of my friends and contacts use sites sites like Flickr, or LiveJournal. They have blogs, Amazon wishlists, and Upcoming pages. All […]

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