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NRKbeta is on the air

If you’re Norwegian, head over to NRKbeta to see posts about gadgets and techonolgy. NRKbeta is NRK’s (NRK at Wikipedia) new technology site. Our tagline: “NRKs sandkasse for teknologi, duppeditter, nye medier og alt annet som er viktig i livet.” […]

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Mobile phone (not cell phone) makes this good point: If you’re a U.S. resident, listen up: You must rid your vocabulary of the term “cell phone”. We’re one of the few economies on the planet to refer to a mobile phone accordingly. If you […]

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WordPress theme resetting by itself – solution

I’ve had this problem with my theme: It kept resetting back to the standard WordPress theme. I think I’ve figured it out. Or rather: Scott Burkett figured it out: Then I realized that I had recently installed the WP-mobile plugin […]

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WordPress switching back to default theme by itself

Regular readers may have noticed the new look introduced last week. And if you’re very regular, you may have noticed that the theme keep switching back to the WordPress default theme by itself?? Twice the last 24 hours it has […]

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Talk to me with Plugoo

I’ve just registered and installed Plugoo here. It works like this (from the FAQ): On your blog, personal webpage or e-sales site, you set up a Plugoo (very easy to do, by the way !). Visitors on your site can […]

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Apparently I’m a C-blogger. I can live with that!

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Boingboing passes 3 million subscribers!

Boingboing now has over 3 000 000 subscribers to their RSS feed. 3 million! Unbelievable. And well deserved. Still on my top10-list, even if I almost threw them out when there were a new mashup of a subway map every […]

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  • Microsoft adCenter Labs - stats for

adCenter Labs

Enter your URL at Microsoft adCenter Labs, and you get a nice representation of the people they expect visit your site. Here’s mine: Not to bad. Who is it that almost every marketer in the world wants to get? Clever […]

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10 sources of brilliantdays traffic – Thanks!

Darren Rowse says “…thanking some of the sites that have sent me traffic in the last 6 months.” Great idea. I picking up on this one. So here are the ones that have sent the most traffic to since […]

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Elegant time

Get an elegant watch for your site.

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Redesigned – again

I got tired of the old look, and installed the Fauna WordPress theme. I also have created a logo, and a new header. The logo is supposed to combine two things: A stylized sun – something you need on a […]

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  • corkd
  • Winelog

Share your wine

We share (almost) everything: Our pictures, our bookmarks, our travel and wishes. So what is next? Drinking. Both cork’d and Winelog let you register the wines you drink (or store), get recommendations and share your drinking habits with trusted friends. […]

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BBC gets it

BBC will redesign their site,, to focus on three concepts: Share, find and play. The site should be bulit up around usergenerated content like blogs and videos, hoping to become the public service version of BBC also plan […]

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Hotel room secret

I’ve just posted my first Hotel room secret.

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Talkr reads this site for you

This site is now availabe as a podcast. Thanks to Talkr, you can subscribe to a computer generated audio version of all posts I post. Nice if you’re on the move, or if you cant’ read the site. Put this […]

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