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Grab all pictures from a site

DeepVacuum let you grab all pictures from a site. Or all movies. Or entire pages, all of them or a few. Could this be what you were looking for, Lars?

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Go bananas with your selfportrait

It’s friday. Kick up your feet, fire up Photoshop and go crazy with your selfportraits. Don’t show your kids. They’ll have bad dreams.

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Why does Gates worry?

Interesting thoughts from ITWire: Well if Gates believes that Apple’s claims about Vista and Macintosh are a pack of lies he obviously thinks that they’re powerful lies because he appears worried. And why wouldn’t he be? The part about a […]

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Flickr “author comment” feature

I’ve just made suggestion for a new feature for Flickr. What do you think?

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Macs are awesome now

What happened to “Macs are for queers?” (and note the title of the comic).

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Theme of the week

Amazing circles is theme of the week in the Flickr “Theme of the week” group. From January 7th – 14th 2007.

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Inbox 1.0.5 is out

Direct download is here. Also see the Inbox review.

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Mr. Winter, you’re fired

Meg guest posts at Kottke: Please consider this letter notice of your termination, effective immediately. Despite clear expectations and requirements — January temperatures not to exceed 40° F, consistent snow and blustery conditions, minimum of one blizzard with white-out per […]

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Last orders please, the world’s about to end!

No. 20 is my favourite.

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  • Apple in 2007

Apple in 2007

This doesn’t exactly lower the expectations before Mac World San Fransisco, starting in 6 days. Screenshot: Front page of as of 2. January 2007

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…is fun. Use Google Video. Here’s the top 50 time lapse videos (by rating).

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The magic of video editing (and fx)

Some of the stuff that is quite easily done now – with all our wonderful digital tools. Effects work like this would cost millions only ten years ago. The Power Of Video Editing Video – video powered by Metacafe Related […]

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Mac not accepting correct password

I’m having a similar problem as Charles Arthur. My Mac is asleep, I wake it up, it asks for the password, I type the correct password (110% sure), and it responds “Wrong password” – over and over again. Only solution […]

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I’m Green Lantern

Ok, since everybody else is doing it… I’m Green Lantern, described on Wikipedia as having… …a “power ring” that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower. Great. So for 2007 […]

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The beauty of Christmas (and holidays)

I was looking through my contacts pictures of Flickr today, and saw this picture by Mary-Anne. The text under it reads… My sister is visiting from halfway across the country. I asked her how long she’s staying. She said “Till […]

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