The previous post on brilliantdays was posted 24th August 2007. That’s two years ago tomorrow!

What happened? What took two years?

First of all I made a personal website – – and moved my personal stuff over there.

Second Twitter came and I put most of my link tips and discussion with people on Twitter. My English nick is @oyvind, and I also use a Norwegian one – @osol. Feel free to use whichever you prefer, and I’ll answer in the proper language on both.

And last, but most importantly: I had a major change in my personal life, and my job changed a lot too. So here I am – it’s 2009 – and I feel it’s time to pick up on again. My life is better than ever, and this wonderful weekend I’ve been tossing out old clothes, cleaning the closet, getting my todo-list and projects back in shape, training, sleeping and fixing this site with latest versions of all plugins, a new theme (for now – I’ll keep looking for an even better) and fixing the feed.

Mac and iPhone

From now on, this will be my Mac and iPhone site. I have tons of ideas, tips, links and other stuff related to Macs and iPhones. I’ll post them here on a highly no-regular basis. =)

I have used Macs since the Macintosh SE, and I’m currently on my 13th Mac, my 6th and 7th iPod and second iPhone. I have administered Macs for office use, for sound processing and use in radio, and a large SAN for Final Cut Pro. I have attended WWDC twice, in 2007 and 2009 but not published any apps yet.

I’ll post tips on how to use your Mac in brilliant ways, how to use your iPhone, and I’ll post all kinds of ideas for software. I usually tip software developers all the time and instead of just e-mailing them suggestions, I’ll post them here and let you guys have a look at the same time. That way, the ideas get better, the competitors see the ideas so their apps get better – and we all win. How does that sound? That is – if my ideas are any good!! We’ll se…

In other words: It will not take two years for the next post to appear here!

See my aboutpage for links and contact data.