Aperture to Final Cut Pro

I love it when someone solves a problem, just before I need it solved! This happened yesterday. Eirik and I have been looking for the ultimate photo archive solution. I have been using iPhoto since getting my first digital camera some years ago. iPhoto is a great product but has been missing some more advanced features, like a better tagging system, and more advanced editing.

Aperture solves that, and so far I’m very happy about the 1.5 version.

And just the other day I was putting “figure out how to export lots of pictures from Aperture to FCP quick and easy” in my todo-list. Then comes “Aperture to Final Cut Pro” from Connected Flow. Check. Great work, Fraser! There’s a dead-easy manual online and the price is nice (read: Free).

Aperture to Final Cut Pro menu

Also check out the excellent Flickrexport for iPhoto and Aperture.