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take nothing but pictures…

take nothing but pictures…, originally uploaded by _rebekka. Rebekka takes wonderful photos. This one is from Iceland. I love the title.

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Avid vs FCP

Patrick Inhofer has updated his Avid vs FCP article. His comments are now up-to-date with the latest versions of the software. Question: What is the difference between Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Avid’s Media Composer? Answer: None. Not at least […]

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Carry too much stuff?

Walk outside and take a look around. People on the same city streets are loaded down. They are laden with books, newspapers, Gatorade jugs, personal stereos, knapsacks, briefcases and canvas totes with high-heel shoes inside. They have iPods strapped to […]

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  • Buzzword bingo

The buzzword bingo

Zach Inglis made the buzzword bingo. Take it to the next seminar, presentation or roundtable discussion! Update Zach tells me that it’s Jeremy Keith that made the buzzword bingo, and there’s an interactive version at Jeremy’s site. Thanks, Zach! The […]

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  • Third wave

The net’s third wave is about humans

Richard Giles has an interesting graph on how the net developes. First wave is research, second is commercialisation. And third – where we are now – humanisation. What does that mean? Richard explains on his site: Look at Podcasting. Does […]

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What if every video was tagged?

Basketball blog True Hoop writes about Synergy Sports Technology, a company that will record and tag every miunte of NBA basketball played. The C|Net article they refer to, has an interesting point: In an e-mail interview, Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks […]

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  • Where have you been?

Where have you been lately?

Some people think Thomas Hawk need to get out more. Cool idea, and I suspect a few followups and maybe a meme coming from this. And as Thomas himself says in the thread: ” It would be nice is someone […]

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  • Shark attacks

720 sharks

Remember the Xbox 720 post? There still are lots of things the Xbox 360 can’t do. Maybe the PS3? These AMAZING sharks look like they’re real. I don’t think you’ll see them coming from a white box under your TV […]

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  • New design

A mess is a mess today. I finally took the plunge, deleted all the movabletype stuff I have used almost a year to put up. And installed WordPress. I’ve had a few problems, but it will be ok as soon as […]

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Cartoons and burning

It’s sad what’s happening around the world. Just sad. Some very good points about the situation is made by Ibn Warraq in Spiegel online. Also have a look at all the discussions and the pictures at Flickr, here, here and […]

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Amazon plogs

When logging on to today, I was welcomed by this: So what is a “plog”? Amazon defines it as… Your Plog is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different […]

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Upgrading WordPress with ONE click

Dreamhost just added upgrading in their Control Panel. Which means that you can upgrade WordPress blogs, MediaWiki sites, Gallery photogalleries etc. without messing with FTP and downloading. Just click a button and your blog is updated to the latest version. […]

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Pac-Man and ?

Boingboing tells about a guy who has tattooed Pac-Man on his butt. What’s on the flip side then? Centipede?

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Air pollution is a WORLD problem

Boingboing writes about an article in NY Times, about how pollution from China pollutes the air in the USA: China is already the world’s second-biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions and is expected to surpass the United States as the […]

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