Verve remixed 3

I bought the Verve remixed 3 album some days ago. Excellent album. Old classic jazz tunes from Nina Simone, Dina Washington, Billie Holiday etc., remixed by top people like Danger Mouse (the Grey album), Bent and Postal Service.

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Mac vs PC

Charlie White at DMN does his half-regular Mac vs PC thing again. The test is a combination of standard computer benchmark tests, and real world After Effects tests.

“Was it a tie? Almost. When you add up the total seconds required to complete six of our original benchmarks (numbered 1-6 here), the Mac needed 432 seconds to complete them, while the PC only required 419. Looking further down the table, even with its juiced-up processors and that fancy NVIDIA graphics card, the Mac still couldn’t beat the PC in our CineBench tests.”

He will probably get the normal tons of mail from disappointed Mac users! But read on first: “[…] if you look at the prices, you get much more for your money with the dual-processor Mac these days than you do with a dual-processor Xeon PC.”

He also checks out the new Apple 23″ Cinema HD Display: “[…] the monitor has performed flawlessly and receives my highest recommendation, 10 out of 10 stars. ” and loves the inside of the G5s: ” There isn’t a computer on this planet that’s better constructed inside or out, in my opinion. The perfection of its industrial design is a wonder to behold.”

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You’ll never walk alone…

When I was eight or nine, I saved money all summer to buy a red Liverpool shirt and shorts. My brother and I saved money when doing favours for relatives, helping people in the neighbourhood shop, clean the house and collecting bottles everywhere. When we had collected almost enough money, we sent in the coupon from the back of a Donald Duck magazine, and waited. And waited.

Two weeks are like a year when you’re 8.

The day when we got the shirts/shorts was like christmas eve. We put in the shirts veeery fast, went outdoors and played football for hours.

Some years later the shirt was small, and about to be retired. The shorts were still ok. Magnificent quality.

My father was a fisherman. He worked from 5 or 6 in the mornings until after we had got to bed in the evenings. Taking his boat to the dangerous seas outside Northern Norway to catch fish, and bring it to the harbour.

So my mother took care of the house, and did most of the housework. Until the day when my father found out the some modern behaviour were to be introduced in our house. HE was going to wash our clothes.

If I knew what would happen, I would have taken the fuzes in our house. And thrown them into the sea.
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Every single possible tv-picture

Eirik has a plan for Google: Make every picture possible to make. Store it on your disks, and let us search them.

“Google will have all the pictures to cover all the Olympics that could possibly be arranged and all the pictures to put together every Super Bowl that could ever be played. They would have a bunch of new epi-sodes of Friends and all the seasons of Lost that could ever be produced…”

Great plan! I have a feeling that the number of discs to store all that data is almost this big… Head over to and make that program for Eirik.

BTW, what would you like to see if you could search every picture possible to make? Which historic event? Or which situtation out of your own imagination?

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