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Which game has things falling in the coolest way?

Mark at Boingboing could have started a new meme without knowing it. Technorati tag: games / halflife

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Verve remixed 3

I bought the Verve remixed 3 album some days ago. Excellent album. Old classic jazz tunes from Nina Simone, Dina Washington, Billie Holiday etc., remixed by top people like Danger Mouse (the Grey album), Bent and Postal Service. Listen: iTunes […]

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Mac vs PC

Charlie White at DMN does his half-regular Mac vs PC thing again. The test is a combination of standard computer benchmark tests, and real world After Effects tests. “Was it a tie? Almost. When you add up the total seconds […]

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I told you!!!!

Didn’t I? Wow. Guess I have to buy my kids Liverpool shirts and shorts now. And remember not to boil them.

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Tristan analyzes A-bloggers

here. (Via Waxy)

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You’ll never walk alone…

When I was eight or nine, I saved money all summer to buy a red Liverpool shirt and shorts. My brother and I saved money when doing favours for relatives, helping people in the neighbourhood shop, clean the house and […]

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Anil bashes Dvorak (who wouldn’t…)


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You learn from most other people

Good advice at Fast Company.

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Podcasting is now officialy mainstream

Even NBC is starting Podcasting. And some more here. (Via micropersuasion) Technorati tags: podcasting

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Every single possible tv-picture

Eirik has a plan for Google: Make every picture possible to make. Store it on your disks, and let us search them. “Google will have all the pictures to cover all the Olympics that could possibly be arranged and all […]

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Nat has the best taste

Over at Simon’s.

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How-to backup to Gmail


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The PS3 grill

Flickr user “Bluehaze the Druid” has posted a secret picture of the new PS3, coming out in good time before the BBQ season, spring 2006: Technorati tags: ps3 / fun

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Xbox or wife? PS2 or kids? PC or job?

If your gaming runs your life, have some advice from productivity site TO-DONE! Technorati tags: games / gaming

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Funniest ad in a long time!

here, via Metafilter. More info about it at Boardsmag.

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