Gorillamobile: #fail

After several iPhone apps started supporting live streaming I was looking for a small tripod for the iPhone. The gorillamobile from Joby looked nice so I ordered one from Norwegian webstore FotoKnudsen PRO. It arrived today and what a disappointment!

The tripod itself is nice. I like the gorillapods and the way you can twist them around anything. But the interchangeable clips are a total failure. There are four clips in the packet, two “high bond adhesive clips”, one universal camera adapter and one “high-end suction cup”. High-end?? It’s tempting to say that it sucks, but that’s actually what it not does. It doesn’t suck.

I put the suction cup on the back of my iPhone 3Gs and I couldn’t even position the iPhone without it falling off. I have several gadgets that use suction to fix to things, like the front shield of my car. And the gorillamobile has the worst suction cup I ever have tested. Totally useless. And I would never use the suction cup to fix it to my bike or anything moving.

I probably should have checked better before buying, but I would have preferred some kind of cradle like the tomtom iPhone car kit. The whole point about the gorillapods are that you can stick your camera to anyhting. If you can’t trust the suction cup to actually hold your camera, the whole point is gone.

One final word: The camera adapter is nice anough so I may be using it for my waterproof camera.

PS. Yes, I tried using the suction cup on the iPhone screen, as the camera is on the back. It was slightly better but the iPhone still fell off everytime I tried adjusting the tripod.


The previous post on brilliantdays was posted 24th August 2007. That’s two years ago tomorrow!

What happened? What took two years?

First of all I made a personal website – oyvindsolstad.com – and moved my personal stuff over there.

Second Twitter came and I put most of my link tips and discussion with people on Twitter. My English nick is @oyvind, and I also use a Norwegian one – @osol. Feel free to use whichever you prefer, and I’ll answer in the proper language on both.

And last, but most importantly: I had a major change in my personal life, and my job changed a lot too. So here I am – it’s 2009 – and I feel it’s time to pick up on brilliantdays.com again. My life is better than ever, and this wonderful weekend I’ve been tossing out old clothes, cleaning the closet, getting my todo-list and projects back in shape, training, sleeping and fixing this site with latest versions of all plugins, a new theme (for now – I’ll keep looking for an even better) and fixing the feed.

Mac and iPhone

From now on, this will be my Mac and iPhone site. I have tons of ideas, tips, links and other stuff related to Macs and iPhones. I’ll post them here on a highly no-regular basis. =)

I have used Macs since the Macintosh SE, and I’m currently on my 13th Mac, my 6th and 7th iPod and second iPhone. I have administered Macs for office use, for sound processing and use in radio, and a large SAN for Final Cut Pro. I have attended WWDC twice, in 2007 and 2009 but not published any apps yet.

I’ll post tips on how to use your Mac in brilliant ways, how to use your iPhone, and I’ll post all kinds of ideas for software. I usually tip software developers all the time and instead of just e-mailing them suggestions, I’ll post them here and let you guys have a look at the same time. That way, the ideas get better, the competitors see the ideas so their apps get better – and we all win. How does that sound? That is – if my ideas are any good!! We’ll se…

In other words: It will not take two years for the next post to appear here!

See my aboutpage for links and contact data.

Tracking packages on a Mac

I just ordered iWork ’08 from Apple. When you get the confirmation e-mail, there’s a tracking number. In Europe, Apple use TNT, but the TNT web page was crap (I couldn’t even find a tracker search box!). So I downloaded the Delivery status widget. Amazing piece of software!!

Delivery status

When you enter a tracking number, it has options for how often it should check. And it supports Growl. So now I know that my iWork-package is at Heathrow, and once an hour Delivery Status will alert me with Growl. Just brilliant.

Delivery Status supports just about any way to deliver a package there is (except pigeons):

– Adobe.com (US and Canada)
– Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.de, Amazon.at, and Amazon.fr
– Apple.com (including all international stores)
– Canada Post (Postes Canada)
– DHL (US and Germany)
– FedEx and FedEx SmartPost
– Google Checkout
– Nintendo (US and Canada)
– Purolator
– UPS and UPS Mail Innovations
– USPS (United States Postal Service)

Delivery status screenshot

As you can see, the Apple.com tracker just shows that the package is shipped, and no details apart from that. So you need to set up a special tracker for TNT or similar.

Try iWork for free

There’s a 30 day fully working trial version of iWork ’08 for download at Apple. I just would like to mention a few highlights: Pages opens AND saves Word documents. The new Numbers app is something as self-contradicting as a cool spreadsheet app! And Keynote has a new, better masking features, animation and new effects.

Just made a big mistake at Yamky

Some days ago a friend of mine invited me to Yamky, a social website I didn’t know about.

I’m always interested in social media sites, so I registered and made a profile. I register for just about everything there is out there, to figure out what’s good and what’s not good.

So I entered my gmail info to check which of my OTHER FRIENDS were on Yamky. BUT – I didn’t read the text well enough.

The result: Yamky e-mailed over 800 people an invite in my name! Bad. Bad. Bad.

So for the ones who read my site here: Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Big mistake from me.

I never invite people to sites like this, except for an few other friends that are just as interested in stuff like this as I am.



(Kitten by Trang Vuong)

Sorry again.

The worst about this is that it e-mailed people I can’t imagine would use a site like Yamky.

It’s a very bad interface that just sends out so many invites without letting you check off which ones you want and which you don’t want.

And I should had read things better. My intention was never to invite anyone, just check if someone I know already was using Yamky.

Yamky seems to have quite a presence of people interested in… how do I say that… mating? 😉 So if that’s ok with you, go ahead.

How to get a bigger screen on Nokia N95 than iPhone

Yep. After watching people fight it out at Scoble, we figured we could end the fight right here. So here’s how to get a bigger screen on Nokia N95 than iPhone.

(RSS subscribers may need to click through to the video)

One thing missing though – have a look at the end of the video – no multitouch.

Full instructions at NRKbeta.


Skitch is a brand new app for uploading of pictures. “Heh, I need an app for that??”, you might say. Yes, you do. Because Skitch do it in ways you wouldn’t believe. It looks amazing, behaves like it has a Nobel Prize-brain, and the icon is sweet.

Check out the 3 minutes entry video which says it all:

Then go grab a semi-public beta at Colin Devroe, or just wait a few hours until it’s public beta.

WWDC 2007

WWDC logo © Apple

In a few hours, I’m off to the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. A whole week of unlimited Mac fun, learning, meetups, sessions, labs, meeting people and seeing San Francisco for the first time. If you’re there and would like to meet, call me. Or use the contact form. Or the comments below. I’m brilliantdays at AIM, oyvindsolstad at Skype and sol24 at Yahoo.

I’m especially interested in Mac apps for productivity and digital creation (video, graphics, sound). I will be posting about everything here at brilliantdays, in English. And at NRKbeta in Norwegian. Also, I’ll be twittering if you’re into that. Finally, here’s my Facebook badge:

WWDC links

Here are some useful links if you’re off to WWDC.

Apple’s official WWDC site
Attendee WWDC login
Moscone Center website
Moscone West floor plans
Moscone West on Google Maps (street view)

Trends in mobile TV (my presentation at Rose d’Or in Lucerne)

I did a presentation at Rose d’Or (also know as the Golden Rose) in Lucerne at tuesday. “Trends in mobile TV”, at Grand Casino, Casineum 7. May from 13.00-15.00.

The Rose d’Or (or Golden Rose) is a highly prestigious television award, given annually since 1961 at the Festival Rose d’Or in spring each year. Since 2004, the festival has been held in Lucerne, Switzerland. Before the festival was held in Montreux, Switzerland, thus the Golden Rose of Montreux.

(from Wikipedia entry on Rose d’Or)

The festival also has seminars and presentations on different subjects. This year monday is internet day, tuesday mobile day, and wednesday covers “How to create and produce world class entertainment televison?” and “Scripted formats: A new era”.

Rose d'Or

My presentation

I will also post from other interesting presentations at Rose d’Or. Come back here for updates later this week.

Feel free to contact me in Lucerne. I’ve made a Rose d’Or group at Facebook. And guess what: No one else has joined. Heh. Now how could that be? TV-people don’t use social sites like Facebook? 😉


Christian Lorenz Scheurer

I’ve put up pictures of the other speakers at Flickr. I will post about their actual presentations too, as soon as I have typed everything and sorted my pictures. Some very interesting days.

If you trust the naysayers…

…you will never have success. I read this at Guy Kawasaki’s blog today:

What do you think would have happened if founders listened to pre-release comments about selling used printers online (eBay), creating the tenth search engine (Google), building personal computers for hobbyists (Apple), enabling people to tell their friends that their cat rolled over (Twitter), or rating whether people are good looking (HotorNot)?


If you believe in something, go for it. This is the only way to really find out. Mathematically, the naysayers are right 95% of the time, but believing you’re in the 5% is what makes entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs.

Trust your instincts. You will fall on your face quite a few times, but that’s learning too. Without falling over lots of times, you’ll never learn to run.

NRKbeta is on the air

If you’re Norwegian, head over to NRKbeta to see posts about gadgets and techonolgy. NRKbeta is NRK’s (NRK at Wikipedia) new technology site. Our tagline: “NRKs sandkasse for teknologi, duppeditter, nye medier og alt annet som er viktig i livet.”

In English, that would be something like “NRK’s new “sandbox” for all technology, gadgets, new media and other important things in life.” Have a look or subscribe to the NRKbeta feed.

I’m the daily editor, so if it sucks, I’m the one to blame. Feel free to tell me if it does (also if it doesn’t I might add…) We’ve just started so expect things to speed up the next weeks, it’s a little slow and thin at the moment. But hey, it’s a beta!

Make your ads so cool that people would want to see them

“FireTreToEn” is the new ad for Norwegian bank DnB NOR. It’s made like a movie trailer, with lots of action and some of the most popular actors in Norway, Pia Tjelta and Nicolai Cleve Broch. It’s open ended at leaves with some questions. “We don’t know what happens”, “We don’t know if the woman in the window jumps”, “Because this is not a movie”, “It’s advertising”. “And we don’t know what happens”, “Just like in real life”.

Pia Tjelta

Vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
Vi vet ikke om gutta kommer levende fra det.
Vi vet ikke hvem som kutter tauet.
Vi vet heller ikke om hun i vinduet hopper.
Vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
For dette er ingen film.
Dette er en reklamefilm.
For DnB NOR.
Og vi vet ikke hva som skjer.
Akkurat som i livet.

(Nowegian text at the end of the movie)

Very clever. I’m curious to see if they are brave enough to NOT show it on tv. Just use the site and the viral world to spread it.

Why? Because TV advertising is STINKING expensive. And why hassle people with ads on tv if they come to see it on your site because they WANT to see it?

OmniFocus video is out

Omnigroup just posted a new video showing the main features of the forthcoming OmniFocus application. And it looks like they are doing almost everything right.

The two things I like the most:

Let’s you focus on a special project or folder of projects. Hides everything else you have entered in the app, so you cab concentrate on the task in front of you. Like a zoom lens on a camera. Very cool feature.

Project folders
You’ll be able to make folders of projects, grouping together projects. Put all your “home” projects in one folder, “work” in another, “you” in a third etc. It lets you organize your projects much better than just a long list of projects. It also helps you see the bigger picture. A silly example: Your “work” folder has 800 projects and your “home” and “you” folders 4…

Combine these two features, and you have a very strong tool to help you do what’s mos important right now. I have two major areas of responsibility at work now, and with the project folders and focus, I can hide the other half while I’m working on one of them.

Get me the beta, and I’ll start using this from day 1.